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SEO Agency Cologne for search engine optimisation and web design from Cologne

We work with you to develop a concept so that you can present yourself more actively and sustainably where your target group is. Constantly increase your level of awareness and thus the value of your company.

As an SEO agency, we develop highly professional solutions for our customers every day. The online marketing sector is very extensive and only works if all instruments interact optimally with each other. Then your investment will lead to success in the long term.

Tell us what is important for your company and relevant for your target group, we will tell you which measures make sense and lead to success in the long term.

SEO Agentur Cologne
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SEO Agency Cologne for 10 years experience in SEO
We advise you as competent partners

Get a free consultation with one of our employees today. The whole thing is non-binding for you and gives you the opportunity for an initial assessment of your situation. Then you can decide whether you want to be found better in your city through SEO Cologne!

SEO Cologne can help you quickly and easily to stabilise your company better on the Internet. Especially with our local SEO activities, we achieve quick success. Many of our customers notice a significant increase in their visitor numbers after a few months.

Your SEO agency "SEO Köln" will advise you and present you successfully on the net

SEO Cologne helps you to bring your website forward in the Google rankings. SEO Cologne will help you to be found better in all search engines. Through an optimal analysis of your website, we will optimise your internet presence according to the current Google guidelines.

Through our search engine optimisation, you will quickly and cost-effectively achieve better positions in search engines such as Google and Co. SEO Köln looks after many websites from the Cologne area throughout Germany and uses its many years of experience in the field of search engine optimisation.

You save cash. Through search engine optimisation, you need to place less advertising because you are found more often in organic search.

You are welcome to continue placing your other marketing ads during the optimisation by SEO Cologne. You will also benefit significantly from the SEO optimisation. With the increase of your website quality factor on Google, the costs for advertising measures are immediately reduced.

(Better quality level on Google = more favourable click prices)

Free SEO


  • More visibility in search engines like Google and Co.
  • More visitors through organic search
  • Savings due to less advertising required
  • More turnover with your online shop
  • Potential customers find you via Google
  • More enquiries about your website

Better ranking and more traffic in relevant search terms

Seo Cologne Your SEO Agency
Who is behind it?

Our team, with employees in Cologne, Leverkusen and many other locations in Germany, consists of specialists for all necessary areas of website support. This includes our

  • SEO specialists,
  • Marketing experts,
  • Text designer,
  • Hosting specialists,
  • Web designer,
  • Partners from the field of certification.

We all stand together for SEO Marketing Cologne and implement your wishes and goals together as a big family.

With our diverse mix of qualifications from every field, we stand for individual and professionally competent service provision in all areas.

We are a family business

We are successful for you because we work together like a family. Respectful interaction, mutual trust and a lot of fun at work internally and with our clients are an important factor, even in stressful situations. There are no real problems for us, only solutions to problems, because our thinking is always solution-oriented. This is what sets us apart from the many lone wolves and large agencies. We live this motto internally and also externally.

Webdesign and SEO

Our experience is worth its weight in gold

Alexander Zimpel, founder and managing director of our agency and a native of Cologne, has over 10 years of experience in the SEO field and, building on this, intuitively founded a company with his wife as marketing specialist and executive assistant that lives family values. SEO Marketing Köln is a certified partner and has a gold status as a website supervisor and certifier of the Cert-EU. We can count many small, medium-sized and large companies among our customers and partners.

Certified full service

We offer our clients any kind of services needed for the digitalised market with websites.

Whether it is the creation of websites, the pure search engine optimisation of your websites, the hosting of your websites including all necessary security settings or the creation of high-quality as well as optimised text content or the development of marketing activities, we are the right partner with a well-rounded full-service.

You want a contact person at your location whom you can trust and whom you may also want to get to know yourself? We understand this and rely on regional partners in web design who implement the high standards of Seo Marketing Cologne and achieve your goals. Here we usually offer you a selection of good web designers per region who work under our qualitative control.

Our neutral partners have been certifying all our websites since 2020, so that you can be sure that we have provided a perfect service and that your websites are of a high quality and exceptional standard.

Our strong partner in quality assurance with the certification "European Search Engine Optimization Licence" is Cert-EU. With the certification of our client sites, we have a unique selling point in our performance compared to other SEO providers. The sustainability and quality of rankings are particularly important to us, because that is what really counts and leads us and our customers to your goal. With the certification incl. audit trail you get the insight into the black box.

Principle of cooperation

You and we are a team that stands together and works together to achieve your goals. Trustfully, in an honest, transparent cooperation, we implement your wishes. 

We are available 24/7 for you and always have an open ear for your concerns. We make our knowledge available to you in all areas and look forward to possible further synergy effects for all sides.

We are constantly learning, give further training courses ourselves and accept any kind of constructive criticism and are happy to pass on our knowledge to you. 

We face new challenges of digitalisation and solve them with new ideas and approaches. Be part of the team and benefit from all the advantages we can offer you - including a large network of other friendly experts.


  • Search engine optimisation for all search engines
  • Keyword research for your text creation
  • Competitor analysis with your competitors
  • Process optimisation in online marketing
  • OnPage and OffPage optimisation marketing techniques / more reach / more visitors / more customers


  • Clear price structure with fixed price guarantee
  • Responsive (optimised for all devices)
  • Professional design by experienced designers
  • Expandable at any time
  • All CMS systems such as


  • Complete planning for 30 days
  • Fixed price per channel
  • Campaigns are created by us
  • More Liks/More awareness/More sales

SEO Agency Cologne - Certified web design by SEO Cologne
Have your certified website created by professionals

You want your company to be found by search engines like Google and you want your website to be certified? Then your company cannot avoid professional optimisation of your website. After an initial consultation, we determine the optimal marketing mix together. New websites are developed directly to a gold certification status of the Cert-EU and already existing websites are brought to the highest possible certification status.

We have specialised in local SEO for years. This is especially important for companies from the region, so that you can be found faster and without expensive advertising on Google. SEO Cologne means for you as a customer more visitors = more reach = more turnover!

And not only in beautiful Cologne, but in all cities in Germany.

We advise you as a competent SEO agency

Get a free consultation with one of our employees today. The whole thing is non-binding for you and gives you the opportunity for an initial assessment of your situation. Be found better in your city through SEO Cologne!

A selection of our clients

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You want better visibility and more sales via the organic findability of your website through SEO Cologne?

More visibility, more turnover?

Would you like to know how often your product or service is searched for?

Our keyword research provides the answers. We tell you how strong the competition is compared to the search volume and how much budget you need.

What is the search volume of your keywords in the search engines?

Is further optimisation worthwhile or are your competitors too strong?

We establish all this with an initial analysis.

SEO Cologne
This is how search engine optimisation is briefly explained

Even for the simple entrepreneur, SEO shows itself to be very useful and imperative nowadays. A few years ago, this was unthinkable and was considered a botch. We as an SEO agency have developed our own procedures with a lot of experience and master search engine optimisation and new customer acquisition for you so well that we even have our service certified.

Quality and precision are our highest commandments and this is also what we offer and deliver to our selected partners.

Search engine optimisation includes an optimal understanding of search engine algorithms and the ideal process of editing, maintaining and servicing websites so that your own measures do not compete with each other. With SEO Cologne (SEO Marketing Köln) you choose a partner who masters these strategies and optimises your positions so that the long-term goal of customer acquisition is secured.

We tackle improvements and necessary adjustments quickly. The mutually agreed strategies reduce the time required and thus save costs. Of course, with constantly changing search engine requirements, SEO is not a one-off activity. Bright spots at the start of the measures with an improved ranking are great, but now you have to keep at it. With SEO, this includes: adjustments, improvements, updates, extensions, maintenance and updating of the website so that the status quo of the positions already achieved on the internet is not lost.

Our maxim here is that the costs must not exceed the benefits

Our regular analyses help you to get a good overview. This can be done per month, quarter, half-year or year. The first results of the optimisation become visible and measurable after about 6 months at the earliest.

In addition, we offer you the option of ESEOL certification of your website (ESEOL - European Search Engine Optimisation Licence). 

The ESEOL certificate is beneficial for every website operator to ensure that the website is customer-oriented and can be found. Only the site that is also found has a chance of success and new customers and further profits. 

We have our work openly and voluntarily audited with certification.

SEO Cologne helps you achieve your goals

We stand by our opinion and your goals and wishes. Together we will achieve your goals and ideas. With the following points we promote the chance of a successful cooperation.

  • Shared vision
    A shared vision with which we identify. Coordinated project planning to achieve the goal. We work together like clockwork.
  • Project planning
    Coordinated, transparent project planning in which, among other things, tasks, milestones and responsibilities are defined. Regular agreements are the key to success in communication and ultimately save a lot of time.

Feedback culture
Frequent feedback, helps us stay on track and on the right course. Problems are solved immediately or discussed in advance so that they don't arise in the first place. Feedback is important and not always positive, but always constructive with us.
Important decisions should be made together if possible. These points help us to help you succeed. We are there for you and together we achieve the planned goal and sometimes we also like to shoot beyond it in our joint teamwork.

What are the most important points?

  • Found the right SEO agency
  • Receive good advice
  • Best possible experience
  • Successful projects
  • Good search engine rankings
  • Top service provider
  • Local successes
  • Good search results
  • Sustainable reporting

What does a good ranking for the wrong keywords do for you?

Ranking with the wrong keywords does nothing. The result is a high bounce rate because the searchers do not find the desired content.

Thus, keyword research at the beginning of our cooperation is essential for real success. The content and the corresponding, matching keywords must be compliant in order to achieve your planned goal and to find and address the target group in an interesting way.


  • A good agency
  • good visibility
  • Good advice
  • sustainable content
  • good contents
  • a suitable strategy
  • good rankings

Seo Cologne
We advise you as a competent SEO agency!

Let one of our employees advise you today free of charge on your overall concept. All facets of customer acquisition are taken into account, as the realisation of one or a few components for customer acquisition will not work.

The whole thing is non-binding for you and gives you the opportunity for an initial assessment of your situation. Be found better in your city through SEO Cologne!

Seo Cologne
What does the initial consultation include?

These points are discussed during the initial consultation, for example:

  • In which environment is your company positioned?
  • What unique selling points do you have with your
  • What marketing measures do you carry out?
  • How is your website maintained?
  • What do you want to achieve with the website?
  • How is your website visibility in the search engines?
  • Was there a penalty, such as a Google Penalty?
  • What would be the long-term trend of the current website?
  • Are special measures currently being implemented at your competitor in the off-page area?
  • Does your competition run Google AdWords ads?
  • In which rankings do your competitors position themselves in comparison to you?
  • How is the loading time (PageSpeed) on your website?
  • Is your website particularly suitable for mobile access?
  • What does your internal and external linking look like?
  • What kind of target groups do you address and is this reflected on the website?
  • Have you positioned all your call-to-action elements ideally?

Especially: Is your website trustworthy enough to gain enough user trust?

All services such as web design & SEO & marketing & technology from a single source if required

SEO, web design, technology and marketing - all services from a single source

Are you tired of hiring a new agency for every part of your online marketing? When many different heads are involved, it is not only coordination on your part that is much more difficult. Cooperation among each other can also lead to longer processing times if too many people are responsible.

At the SEO Agency Cologne, you get all services related to your internet presence from a single source. We specialise in completing jobs in the best possible order and in the shortest possible time. You no longer have to worry about little things like making appointments. Leave your online marketing to our experts and enjoy being rewarded with a coherent appearance on the World Wide Web.

Professional, friendly team with customer-oriented services

Professional customer care is one of our leading values. Friendly cooperation and the feeling of being on the same wavelength are important to us. Respectful interaction is crucial for a successful project, both among employees and in our dealings with you.

We don't just hand you some blueprint to tick off a checklist. Instead, we develop a holistic concept for your internet presence with you and your visions. Because depending on the goals you are pursuing and the customers you want to serve, an SEO strategy can also look different. With us, you don't just get technology and keyword delivery. We are known for our customer-oriented services that will take your company to the top.

Only we have our SEO work independently verified for you

We are the only known SEO agency that submits all search engine optimisation implementations to CERT-EU.

This neutral body examines a website with regard to SEO standards and customer orientation. If the requirements are met, SEO agencies are issued certificates in various grades - bronze, silver and gold. The inspection body pays particular attention to the design and structure of the website, compliance with SEO requirements and technical implementation. Because only if all these points are rated as good can you be sure that your site will also be found by potential customers in the search engines.

We are particularly proud to have achieved GOLD certification in our first attempt. With this, you can be sure that we create high-quality websites for you with our work.

By the way: You may of course use the seal of the CERT-EU for your own website after our inspection.

Continuous implementation of the search engines requirements

The requirements of the major search engines for a good ranking in the search results are dynamic. It is not enough to read up on SEO once and then never touch the website again. On the contrary: with every update that the search engine rolls out, the algorithm changes and you have to observe and implement new requirements.

Unfortunately, Google does not officially announce how the more than 200 ranking factors are specifically weighted. Only constant tests, observations and experience can help here.

We help you! Every day, we monitor the algorithm and carry out sophisticated testing procedures to determine the optimal interaction of all ranking factors for your website. And if something changes in the guidelines, we are there to implement the new requirements at lightning speed. This means your website is always up to date.

Low clear price structure

Are agency services expensive and opaque? No, that doesn't have to be. We guarantee a transparent, low price structure so that you can afford comprehensive optimisation of your website even if you are just starting out.

Don't invest unthinkingly in expensive ads, but talk to us about how we can get your website on the first search results page organically - and sustainably - without a huge budget.

Clients who have only had positive experiences

Our customers rate our offer, our service and the price-performance ratio as outstanding.

Time and again, we receive positive feedback on our detailed advice on SEO issues. In particular, they praise our ability to quickly get to grips with abstract projects. Our clients also appreciate that we describe the topic of online marketing to them in a factual and realistic way and show them what is possible for the company with a good website.

Local traders and large online shops are equally happy about our cooperation.

Many clients who come to us have already had bad experiences with other SEO agencies. For example, costs were often charged even though the result was not satisfactory. The path to us was therefore not infrequently associated with a lot of scepticism. But our customers are rewarded for their trust in us! We do not charge you horrendous fees for pointless SEO measures. With us, you get the best advice for your internet presence, tailored to your individual goals. With the right strategy, we will help you to get more customers on the internet - and more turnover!

Team Seo Marketing Koeln