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Web design for moving companies

Introduction In today's digital era, an appealing online presence is essential for every company. For moving companies operating in a highly competitive market, an effective web design is not only the company's calling card, but also a decisive factor for business success. In this blog post, we look at the importance of web design specifically…
April 15, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

Specialized in lawyer websites

Introduction to web design for lawyers In today's digital era, a professionally designed website is no longer just a nice extra for lawyers and law firms, but a basic necessity. The introduction to web design for lawyers looks not only at the aesthetic aspects of a website, but also at its functionality, usability and ability…
April 12, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

Perfect websites for tax consultants

Introduction In today's digital era, professional web design is essential for the success and visibility of any business, including tax advisory practices. For tax consultants, a well-designed website is not just a business card on the Internet, it is also a decisive factor in making a first impression on potential clients. An appealing, clearly structured…
April 12, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

Web design in the healthcare sector

Introduction Digital transformation has revolutionized healthcare by offering new opportunities for care and patient interaction. In this context, web design plays a crucial role, as it forms the bridge between the providers of healthcare services and the users of these services. Effective healthcare web design can significantly improve accessibility, efficiency of information delivery and quality…
April 11, 2024 - admin

The importance of a strong online presence for hairdressing salons

The importance of a strong online presence for hairdressing salons Overview of the need for a professional website
April 11, 2024 - admin

The new SEO Marketing GmbH online store is now live!

Cologne, March 28, 2024 - SEO Marketing GmbH is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new online store under the domain https://shop.seo-marketing.koeln/. The store offers a wide range of products and services for companies and individuals who want to improve their online presence. Our range The steadily growing store includes many appealing products…
March 28, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

Google Core Update 2024

A profound revolution in the SEO market: the new Google Core Update 2024 The market leader Google is currently causing a sensation with a new, revolutionary update. Rather, these are two different updates: the Google Core Update and the Google Spam Update, which fundamentally improve two important functions of the search engine. On the one…
March 13, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

What is Twitter?

Twitter, also known as "X", was once a microblogging service owned by Twitter Inc. until Elon Musk acquired the company in 2022 for an impressive 44 billion dollars and subsequently renamed it "X". This renaming led to the media frequently referring to X (formerly Twitter) from then on. Since its foundation in 2006, X has…
January 29, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

FTC sues Amazon – What’s the deal with “Project Nessie”?

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 17 states filed a landmark lawsuit against Amazon in September, accusing the online giant of being a monopolist that "employs a series of interlocking, competitive and unfair strategies" to consolidate its market power in online retail. In this article, we take a closer look at the lawsuit and…
January 10, 2024 - Alexander Zimpel

Conversion tracking – A guide for the successful transition to Google Analytics 4

Dive deep into the world of GA4 conversion tracking with us and compare it with the well-known Universal Analytics. You will find that GA4 enables a far more flexible and precise recording of conversions. Our guide provides clear instructions and valuable insights, from defining events to setting up conversions. This article is an indispensable guide…
October 27, 2023 - Alexander Zimpel

Amazon SEO – 5 tips

Amazon SEO - 5 tips Amazon has been a marketplace for many years that is used not only by the large company itself, but also by many retailers. The wealth of products offered via the platform is gigantic. This makes it all the more important for every retailer to position and present their products in…
October 13, 2023 - Alexander Zimpel

SEO measures: The path to better visibility

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), it is crucial to take the most effective measures to increase the visibility of a website. SEO is an extensive field that presents both beginners and experienced professionals with a multitude of opportunities. It can be difficult to decide where to start and which measures promise the…
October 4, 2023 - Alexander Zimpel