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Backlink analysis – Own link profile

In order to gain insights from your own link profile, it makes sense to check this link profile with a professional analysis. To start this analysis, you should have collected all the backlinks of your own website in advance. In addition, having a Linkresearchtool or Sistrix account is an advantage. You can also create an Excel table about the backlinks, which contains the most important points.

What is the benefit of a link profile analysis?

It is possible to compare your own link profile with that of the competition and thus improve or adapt it if necessary. It makes it easier to search for special features in your own link profile and receives an algorithmic penalty. Despite good content, people are constantly looking for the reason for the low ranking.

You should consider the following for your own backlinks:

How do I read the key figures of my backlinks?

In order to determine key figures, such as the number of backlinks or the number of domains, it is recommended to use a Sistrix account that can read out the key figures. The number of domains is particularly important. The more the better, but what is better? 1000 links from 2 domains or 100 links from 50 domains?

Which anchor texts do the most frequently linking websites contain? Are these anchor texts what I want for my website?

What is the ratio of no-follow to do-follow backlinks?

Even if this ratio is rather uninteresting for Google, as well as SEO, you should not completely lose sight of it. As soon as the case of a no-follow link rate of over 50% occurs, you should think about what the cause is and how the problem can be solved.

What kind of pages link to your own website?

If the websites include many blogs, news portals, companies or forums, you should check why this is the case and whether these websites are helping to promote your own website.

Do the links lead mainly to the homepage or to subpages?

For a company profile, it is fine to link to the homepage. However, if it is an online store, many sub-page links are an advantage.

What properties should the linking pages have?

This involves checking which countries the pages come from, which metrics they have, whether redirects are included and whether there are a particularly large number of sitewide links. In addition, it is important to know whether these pages are frequently visited or were created solely for the purpose of search engines. TrustRank, DomainPop and the visibility index must also be checked.