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What are beacons?

Beacons, also known as “beacons”, are small battery-powered transmitters that can communicate with receivers such as smartphones or tablets using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

How the beacon technology works

Beacon technology is based on small Bluetooth transmitters that regularly send out radio signals. These signals contain a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to uniquely identify the beacon, as well as a major and minor value, the use of which depends on the respective application.
An end device such as a smartphone or tablet with a special app and activated Bluetooth is required to receive and use the beacon signals. The app can precisely measure the distance between the beacon and the end device and start downstream processes, such as the delivery of advertising or the playback of audio content.

Can beacons receive data?

No, beacons are pure transmitters and cannot receive any data themselves. Data is transmitted via the app on the end device, which can, for example, transmit the user’s position to the operator when it comes into contact with a beacon signal.

Range of beacons

The range of beacon transmitters varies depending on the device and in most cases is between 50 and 75 meters. However, obstacles such as objects or walls can affect the range.

Advantages of beacon technology

Compared to other technologies, the use of beacon transmitters offers a number of advantages, including the ability to precisely determine locations, automated sending of offers and the cost-effective installation, operation and maintenance of the transmitters.
Beacon transmitters are used in various areas, such as in retail to address customers directly, in smart homes for presence detection, and in sports stadiums or concert halls for an improved visitor experience.

This comprehensive technology enables precise location determination, automated interactions and opens up a wide range of application scenarios in different industries.