Entry service

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Entry service

The entry of a website in all search engines, web directories and catalogs is handled by a provider of the entry service. Especially with such entries: “Quality before quantity!” applies. Care should be taken with this service to ensure that no dubious providers are used. As a rule, the exact opposite of what you want to achieve then happens.

Manual vs. automatic login

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to manually register a website with major search engines. Google ‘s crawler discovers new websites all by itself and finally adds them to the database. There are always exceptional websites that cannot be retrieved by crawlers for various reasons. Manual entries are necessary for these websites.

This manual entry involves a lengthy process. Software is often used to automate and shorten this process. However, as soon as a website has been entered, it is not immediately included in the search engine’s database. This recording, as well as the indexing, can even take several months.