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What is a homepage?

The start page of a website or internet presence is referred to as the homepage or “home page”. The homepage is the first page that is displayed when a web address is called up. From this start page you can access the other contents of the website. A homepage is also known as a main page, index page, entry page or start page.

Until now, there has been no clear decision as to whether a homepage must be an HTML page or generally a page with any content that can be accessed via the Internet.

What is the difference between a homepage and a website?

The start page, i.e. the homepage, is often confused with the entire website. It should be noted that only the first page of the website, from which other pages can be accessed, counts as the homepage. The entire website refers, among other things, to the homepage, but also to all other pages that can be accessed via the homepage. can be called up.

How important is a homepage for companies?

Today, a homepage in the sense of a website is an elementary component of any marketing strategy. However, a website can be created and used not only in large companies, but also in small companies or even by private individuals.

Even companies that do not generate profits online now all have a website to draw attention to their company in order to attract more potential customers. A homepage is of course essential for online stores and the like.

Technological progress and the emergence of open source technologies have had a massive impact on the distribution of homepages. It is also possible for private individuals without in-depth specialist knowledge to create a website.

Is a homepage free of charge?

You don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money to create your own website. There is a wide range of different providers. The price naturally depends on what the respective provider offers the customer from the outset and what has to be purchased in addition. In addition to website construction kits and ready-made content managers, there are of course also bare web spaces.

Here are two of the most popular providers for homepages:


Over 25 million customers already design their websites with Jimdo. Beginners in particular will find it easy to find their way around, as Jimdo’s homepage is very clearly laid out.

  • Jimdo is free of charge. With a monthly subscription, however, you can activate additional templates and your own domain.
  • It also offers SSL encryption, statistics, designs for several industries or company types and SEO functions


In contrast to Jimdo, WiX has a far greater reach with 160 million customers. The first major difference is that WiX is not free. WiX provides a design for all types of websites. The user can therefore choose between a company website, a store, a blog or many other options.

  • For the lowest monthly fee, you get your own domain, but there are also mandatory advertising fields. These advertising banners can be removed for an additional monthly charge.
  • There are countless design options that can be expanded with the help of tools. WiX also offers a responsive design, gallery layouts and good support.