Insurance sectors – Investing in SEO pays off!

More and more marketing activities are taking place online. Almost no company is set up without its own website or does without an Internet presence altogether. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that you can be quickly available to your customers 24/7 without obligation and also generate new ones. However, it can be sobering if the competition is strong and you are not at the top of the search engine rankings. SEO can help you to survive even against large competitors. Here we explain in detail why SEO is so important and the advantages of this marketing measure.

Is a high ranking important?

To keep it short and sweet – absolutely. All you need to do is enter something in the search engine yourself and take a closer look at the results. Did you scroll down really far or even click on the next page? Probably not and that is quite normal. You want to get your information as quickly as possible and the top players in the search engine rankings are not at the top for nothing. You will advertise your offers convincingly and redirect potential customers to your website. Rarely, if ever, will customers continue to search after successfully finding an offer. Even if the website is not convincing, the user will work through the search engine from top to bottom. So if your website is significantly further down or even on the next page, you will acquire significantly fewer customers than your better-listed competitors.

This fact has also been confirmed by Sistrix. Sistrix is a visibility tool and has looked at millions of keywords and billions of search results. The results are clear: around 28.5 percent of users click on the search result that is at the top of the ranking. The second search result is almost 13 percent lower at 15.7 percent. In tenth place, only 2.5 percent of users click on the search result. So you understand why a high ranking is so important.

It’s not your offer that’s at fault, but you simply lack a good SEO measure that understands what Google ranks higher and, above all, how it’s done. You should not be discouraged by the many competitors. Everyone starts small and it is not unusual for the first-placed team to be knocked off its perch.

SEO and insurance

What can SEO do?

SEO or search engine optimization can – as the name suggests – optimize your website so that it is found to be relevant by the search engine and is ranked high accordingly. This is a very extensive process that not only affects your website (on-page optimization), but also takes place outside your website(off-page optimization). It is important to know that the search engine sets the rules according to which it is played or ranked. All website operators must adhere to these rules, even those at the top. SEO optimizes according to these rules and is therefore ideally suited for promotion, because everyone has the same opportunities. If you attach importance to regular optimization and maintain your website, you will have fewer problems generating traffic or conversions. So SEO can do a lot.

This starts with checking whether your website is even seen by Google and how suitable your keywords are, through optimization, to checking the results. The optimization is very extensive and tailored to your personal needs. You certainly like to hear that. SEO also helps you to recognize what needs to be optimized in the first place. This can be the link structure, the improvement of keywords, the faster loading of your website, a secure domain and also the web design, as well as the content of your texts – and these are just some of the things that SEO makes possible. So you see, there is much more to it than a suspected bad offer from your side that you do not have the reach on the Internet that you had actually hoped for.

What are the advantages of SEO?

Of course, there are many ways to advertise on the Internet. Whether you advertise on social media sites such as Instagram or rely on text/image ads. Then you may also have heard of SEA, in which some are investing. So why should you choose SEO over these measures? Here are just a few advantages:

SEO is cost-efficient. Did you know that for SEA you also have to pay a fixed amount for every click on your website? And this can sometimes be very high if you want to be at the top, because many people don’t know this: The amount is also calculated based on your current relevance (no high visibility means higher click costs). Something that SEO enables you to do and, in addition, the click on your website costs nothing.

In addition, SEO is designed to be a long-term process. They are therefore still relevant in the future after optimization.

Added to this are flexibility and measurability. There are sufficient programs that can be used to measure how successful the measures are, what needs to be optimized and to what extent. If your values drop in the ranking, direct countermeasures can be taken for you.

If you still want to pursue further marketing, successful search engine optimization will give you the basis for more and you can concentrate precisely on this. Because SEO is the foundation of your online presence and once you have laid this foundation, you can continue to expand it as you wish.

A very pleasant factor that is not to be sneezed at: you don’t need SEO employees or even an SEO department in your company. There are plenty of SEO agencies that will provide you with comprehensive advice, respond to your needs and take care of the entire search engine optimization process. This means you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the resources to set up an entire SEO department.

Insurance and SEO

What is possible with good SEO?

Let’s assume you have now invested in SEO and a few months have passed – because SEO takes time (usually four to six months, then you will see the first real results of search engine optimization). Probably the most important point on which everything is based is improved visibility. You will have risen significantly in the search engine and will be playing in the high rankings. As you already know, your website will be visited more because users will see you directly. More traffic is the result and Google likes to see that. If you then have a convincing offer, your visitors will quickly become customers and conversions will also have a positive effect on your value in the search engine. Don’t forget that even the really big companies started small and built up a corresponding image through their high position. This is also possible for you and more customers also mean more turnover for you. So you see, Google (and other search engines) and SEO can be understood almost like clockwork. If one cogwheel moves, the other also moves. Good SEO measures bring results that ensure a higher relevance in the search engine and the higher your relevance, the higher the search engine will rank you.

Our conclusion – good SEO is more than half the battle

Once you have invested in good SEO, you will quickly realize that it is not impossible to catch up with the “big players”. Everyone needs to maintain good SEO in order to stay relevant for Google and co. This starts with little things like a good and secure URL. So don’t let your guard down! Search engines are constantly changing and what is a hot topic today may be completely irrelevant tomorrow. Anyone who suddenly posts a lot of blog entries and then never posts them again or rests on their keywords can quickly be ousted again. The large insurance companies that they want to compete with also use SEO to be at the top and have built up their image precisely through this visibility.

Did you know that many users don’t even type in your URL, but simply enter your name in the search bar? If another insurance company suddenly appears and you are much further down the list, you have quickly given away a customer.

Accordingly: Don’t let a low ranking get you down. Everyone has the same chance to be at the top of the rankings through SEO and SEO measures are affordable without having to plan an entire department into the company. Everyone started at the bottom and you’ll soon see how easy it is to rank higher if you invest in good SEO and a good SEO expert – because that’s all it takes. If you then maintain your SEO regularly, you could soon be the “big player”, even though you also started small.

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