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The abbreviation “link” also stands for “hyperlink” or “backlink“. A link is used to connect documents with each other. These documents are usually websites, but also PDFs, videos and many other formats. The cross-reference in the literature reflects the logical connection, with the difference that the cross-reference must be searched for manually.

Meaning of the link on the Internet

Links are particularly important for the Internet. Without links, the websites would ultimately be completely isolated. To get to another website without using a link, you would have to enter the URL again and again in the browser input field. Without links, no websites would be connected to each other.

The page rank measures how many websites link to a selected page. This is then used to calculate how the selected websites relate to all others. Before the days of search engines, it was common to create link directories that were structured according to certain categories. These link directories were the forerunners of today’s web catalogs.

Use of the link

In the SEO industry, the term “link” is often incorrectly referred to as a backlink or inbound link. One speaks of a link when it goes from a page to be optimized to another website. The backlink or external link/inbound link leads to the website to be optimized, starting from another page. The internal link, on the other hand, links two documents within a domain. Independent of search engine optimization, this is also referred to as a link or hyperlink.


The links are written in the HTML markup language. The text within the brackets of the link is also described as anchor text or link text and can be found on the website. Instead of anchor text, other objects such as images, videos or Flash animations can also be used. An anchor text is not absolutely necessary, as a link can also do without it.

A link can be edited with several different options. An example of this is a nofollow attribute.


In the SEO industry, all outgoing links are referred to as links. For example, these go from an optimizing domain to another domain.

The links are particularly important for Google and all other search engines.

No recommendations are passed on if there is no “outside” link. However, whoever links to the outside says a lot about the site. This raises the question of what is being linked to. Mainly on Wikipedia or rather on dubious sites? Are they nofollow links? Are home pages or subpages linked?


The following basic rules should be followed to make a website appear more serious, but also more polite:

  • Links to quotations or information from other sources
  • Links for further information that can help the reader and go into the topic in more detail
  • Use nofollow attributes when it comes to blog comments
  • The ratio of content to links should always be balanced


The backlink stands for a back reference. Backlinks are links that refer to a website to be optimized. Backlinks are the content of active search engine optimization.

Now the question arises: How do I create such a backlink?

A so-called link builder is used to generate backlinks. Before you set a link, you should find out whether the portal you have chosen has “trust“, i.e. whether it is a trustworthy portal. A trustworthy web catalog is e.g. “Yellow Pages”. Untrustworthy sites can often be recognized by an extremely large number of advertising banners. It is better to stay away from such backlinks, as they can lead to a manual or algorithmic penalty by Google.

As soon as good content on the pages is voluntarily linked by other users, backlinks are acquired. Social media offer particularly good opportunities to increase a backlink enormously.

Finally, it is also important to know how to remove a backlink.

The first, simpler step is to contact the website operator of the linking page and ask them to delete the link from their website. If this step is not successful, you should contact Google and inform them that the selected link should not be included in the calculation of your ranking. This is done using the Google Disavow tool.