“Make it clear on your pages what you want to rank for!” Possible Google update?

According to Google Office Hours (November 13), Google has appealed to websites to clearly state why and for what purpose the respective websites should be found. The topic must be clear so that the search engine (search engine algorithm) and all users can find what they are looking for. Google (John Müller, Webmaster Trends Analyst) also says that exact keywords are not necessary for rankings, but it should still be directly recognizable which topic is being dealt with. A news article on a specific event was named using an example.

It is important to name people and places clearly and to describe the event precisely. He also said that a visually appealing design alone was not enough. He has often experienced himself that smaller companies do not clearly emphasize their benefits for the user at all; one could not guess what the companies actually do, sell and what they stand for. In this case, it should be clear that if the user does not know exactly what it is about, the search engine will not be able to assign it correctly. Where should these pages then appear? This is a difficult decision. These websites are then subject to the problem that they do not appear well in the search.

Possible Google update

The objective has therefore been clearly communicated:

  • Clearly and unambiguously define which interests and search queries are to be served
  • provide appropriate information

Is there a reason why Google is now taking a stand on this?

A week later, there are signs that an update was carried out on November 17!

Larger movements on the search results pages can be seen, usually a sign of a Google update, possibly a major one if you look at various ranking trackers. In addition, some webmasters in the WebmasterWorld forum are reporting changes in search traffic and rankings and thus indications of a possible update. (“Strange activities for the first time in a long time”)

Most people were actually of the opinion that there would be no more Google Core updates this year, but Google frequently carries out smaller and larger updates. Some updates go unnoticed, while others have a noticeable and measurable impact.

We probably won’t find out whether there was an update, as Google always remains silent on this. But as a precaution we should check our rankings of the elementary keywords, because unfortunately it is not really clear whether there are any changes due to the statements of November 13th. Should further information become clear, we will of course inform you immediately.

The objective has therefore been clearly communicated

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