Calculate the fixed price for the individual measures on your website now!

A new feature for our customers at SEO Marketing Köln is in the starting blocks and will soon be online. The so-called fixed price calculator shows itself in all its glory and should now provide more transparency for our customers.

With this calculator it is possible to make individual specifications about the requirements of your own website. This not only ensures the aforementioned transparency, but should also simplify our service requirements for all parties. By providing completely individualized information, customers can define their needs and wishes in relation to our services and will shortly receive the calculated fixed price. This allows you to get a quick overview without any obligation.

We would like to take this opportunity to briefly guide you through the calculator and explain the many options in detail. We have a total of eight questions for you to answer.

You can find our calculator in the web design category under web design prices.

Fixed price calculator

Question 1: What type of website do you need?

Here you can already make important specifications by defining the exact type of website. Decide here whether you need a general website for your company, whether you need a specific landing page or whether you would rather open an online store or set up a blog system. We offer you all these services and you can say exactly what you want at the moment.

What type of website

Question 2: Select your industry

Here we would like to learn more about your industry. You can tell us directly via the fixed price calculator which sector you operate in. Whether lawyer, tax consultant, doctor or similar.

If you don’t see yourself on the list – don’t worry. Our SEO support is suitable for every industry without exception. This is for information purposes only and therefore we also offer you the option of using the Other button.

Is there already a homepage

Question 3: Do you already have a homepage?

You can also provide us with initial information on this question, which will provide a good starting point, especially when creating a website – or in general. For example, we are happy to work with ready-made homepages, can continue those already started if required or create a completely new homepage for you in the same step if you wish. We are also happy to revise existing documents or leave the rest of the creation to you.

These are all possibilities and price factors that we can present to you in detail if you provide us with precise information.

What are your goals with the homepage

Question 4: What are your goals with the homepage?

Whether it’s a landing page, company website or online store. The homepage is representative of your website and if you want us to handle and revise/edit your homepage according to search engine optimization criteria, it is important to know what your exact goals are. Depending on the situation, various approaches and specific procedures are required to successfully work through the objectives together with you. Together we will find solutions that will convince you and your customers – or potential employees.

We therefore offer several options in these matters. Sometimes several goals need to be achieved at the same time. You are therefore free to decide the combination. Whether it’s customers you’re looking for, employees for your company, a better overall image or selling your products.

How big should your website be

Question 5: How big do you want your website to be?

Looking for a major project? Or rather smaller subpages. This refers to all menu items through which visitors to your website will navigate. If you already provide specific details, this is of course an advantage, as we can then calculate a more concrete price for you – the more obvious it will be. You can therefore choose between up to 10, 15 or 25 subpages.

Nevertheless, you may only want a rough overview of the general costs if you are using a particular service in principle. We therefore also offer you the option of selecting “Not yet determined” if you are not yet sure of the full scope.

Do you have a logo & specifications for colors and fonts

Question 6: Do you have a logo & specifications for colors and fonts?

We focus on you and that starts with the logo. If you have a logo and a correspondingly defined corporate design, we will of course adopt the corporate colors and fonts from it. This style will also be reflected on the homepage and give your company a recognizable image online.

If you do not yet have a logo and suitable fonts and colors, we will be happy to take over this service for you as part of the web design if you wish. You can therefore answer accordingly here.

Who should write the texts?

Question 7: Who should write the texts?

A homepage/website etc. has not yet reached its full potential if only colors, logo and goals have been defined. Of course, the content needs to be filled with text. Again, it depends on who wants to take on this task or has perhaps already done so. Even if there is no need for new texts and you are sure of the web design process in the future, you can simply select “You” here and the price will be calculated accordingly.

However, if you are unsure about writing texts and don’t want to use any other service providers apart from us, we can also write the texts for you.

Your advantage: The texts are written directly at a level that is relevant and appropriate for search engines.

Should we help you with customer acquisition

Question 8: Should we help you with customer acquisition?

In addition to the need for a new website, for example, many also want to increase the number of customers. Of course, this depends on the individual case. Maybe you want a functioning blog system to start with, or maybe the landing page is all you need.

Of course, this is a more complex process that is closely interlinked with many of the measures we are already taking. However, a very precise focus and more optimization specifically in this area can generate significantly more customers.

For example, if you say to yourself: “Basically, I want a completely new website and would be delighted if it also helps to generate more and more leads.” – We are also happy to help you with customer acquisition as part of the web design.

But if you don’t yet have a feeling for what’s behind it and what the exact idea is, please select “I need more information” and you will receive the necessary information material right next to the price calculation.

Your final step: The offer

Now that you have successfully answered all the questions, we just need your contact details as the last step and you can leave the rest to us. We will then provide you with a personalized quote and the associated overview as quickly as possible.

If you still have questions, you are welcome to stay in contact with us or consider an initial free consultation.

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