A strong digital presence is essential for the company’s success. In our last article, you already learned what makes a website so important and how it constantly secures your sales. But to really be at the top of the game and secure the greatest possible leads, search engine optimization must be outstanding. The quality of SEO determines the position in which you secure your ranking and how Google rates your website.

SEO knows all the criteria that are important for a high ranking and puts them into practice in the form of various practices. Be it website security, page loading speed, creating quality content, collecting backlinks or improving accessibility – and these are just some of the ways in which organic search rankings can be improved.

In this article, we would therefore like to introduce you to three ways in which outstanding SEO stands out and brings your company sales through a lucrative website. These are:

  • SEO content
  • SEO PR
  • SEO user-friendliness
SEO backlinks

SEO content is essential for a company’s success in the search engine

Even John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google, repeatedly emphasizes how important good content is for Google as a ranking factor. It is not without reason that the saying that content is king has become established. It starts with the meta description, in which you convince a potential customer in the shortest and most concise sentences possible.

Once you have redirected the customer to your site, it depends on the remaining content whether a conversion will take place. Take the opportunity to captivate your visitors and show them what makes your products/services and the company as a whole stand out. Be exciting, unique and informative and integrate the keywords you want to rank for in a pleasant reading flow. This is exactly what content-related SEO is all about. Outstanding SEO, mind you.

Use this opportunity to further strengthen your brand and at the same time convince potential customers. This can be content from the company, for example in the form of videos, blog posts, interviews, etc. or your brand stories and the values you want to convey. Certificates, testimonials – they all belong to the area of content.

So you can strengthen your corporate brand, retain visitors and strengthen relationships. By increasing relevance, you generate more and more traffic and the associated leads. These leads are then closely linked to the ranking factor for Google.

Credibility and cross-target group trust via SEO PR

Regardless of the size of a company, public relations (PR) plays an important role in raising a company’s profile. It helps to establish the credibility of a company, makes it known and enhances its reputation. SEO PR can build a good reputation far beyond a company’s target audience and through backlinks in the search engines.

Backlinks are therefore so important and a form of SEO PR, as they send clear signals to the search engine: The website is popular and relevant. In principle, a backlink is not very different from an ordinary link. The big difference lies in his position. This is because the normal links are located within your own website and rather serve its structure and navigation. A backlink, on the other hand, is to be understood as a recommendation.

This form of hyperlink is positioned on another website and redirects to your website. So basically like someone introducing you to a hairdressing salon. Backlinks are usually set by other sites if the content of your site is already convincing and worth recommending. Since backlinks in their form are rare and involve a lot of work, Google considers them to be particularly valuable signals that speak for your website and boost its ranking. Because if you are recommended, Google will consider you to be credible, convincing and a website that symbolizes trust.

Companies can earn backlinks by sharing their stories or expertise with journalists, influencers or through guest blogging. The stories or blog posts are then published with the hyperlink back to the company’s website.

The useful blog posts also pave the way for people to share the blog URL on their websites for their audience, resulting in referral traffic and a backlink. In short: the more backlinks from authoritative websites, the higher the credibility of your content.

For you, this also means that the target groups of other websites become aware of you and thus a target group develops beyond your own, which increases traffic and potential leads.

SEO user-friendliness

SEO user-friendliness makes your website a successful workplace

A successful company website is like a successful workplace. A website is a digital extension of the business and requires the same standards as an office to create value for existing customers and attract new ones. Successful companies often go the extra mile with spectacular offices, high-tech meeting rooms and advanced security systems.

You should also go this extra mile for your website to successfully attract and retain customers – the keyword here is user-friendliness or user experience (UX). You can think of website visitors as visitors to your company. If loud noises calling for a purchase are constantly ringing in their ears or the paths to said destination are completely unclear and bright lights make it difficult to see, then the visitor will leave the place as quickly as possible.

Take these conditions to heart for a website too. Create clarity and be clearly structured. A potential customer wants to get to your pages quickly and without thinking about all possible questions and needs. A user-friendly site should load quickly, be available on mobile devices other than the desktop, use HTTPS for encryption and offer the user secure, intuitive and aesthetic use in addition to navigation. These are all valuable criteria that determine the ranking of your website for Google.

SEO must be outstanding to be successful

SEO is not an independent component of a company’s marketing strategy. Instead, good SEO practices are interwoven with a company’s core objectives. When a company and its search engine practices are aligned, they achieve the common goal of providing value to customers. This pleases the search engine, the customer and you and your company. There are no losers in this respect and a high level of sales generation awaits you.

Superficial SEO is a good start, but does not bring the desired success beyond that. You will not be the only company that relies on search engine optimization – you should therefore always keep an eye on the competition. This is precisely why we recommend that you invest not in just any form of SEO, but in outstanding SEO in its full form. You can do this through SEO agencies and SEO experts, for example, or, if you prefer, you can start learning it yourself.

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