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The Internet offers endless possibilities for your company. With the right website, you can not only reach more customers, you can communicate directly and without detours with customers, demonstrate your expertise through informative content and reviews and build trust. With unlimited possibilities, the right strategy is crucial. What is the best way for your online store? How do you best reach your customers as a local service provider? How do you successfully assert yourself against the competition and achieve new business successes? This is exactly where SEO Marketing GmbH comes in. With individual solutions and well-thought-out concepts, we offer you the tools to stand out from the crowd and retain customers in the long term.
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What is SEO anyway?

Why SEO marketing?

Search engine optimisation leads to improved visibility, more visitors and therefore more sales through your website.
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Modern web design

Our web design agency creates websites that make an impression. Including professional search engine optimisation.
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Our references

With us, every website is as individual as the customer behind it. Take a look at our work for yourself.
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Significant increase in user numbers and sales with SEO in Haan

Get into the top 3 organic search results on Google. With strong SEO content, you can reach customers from your target area. With our experience, we are happy to help you with your project. Whether you need a service or an online store, you've come to the right place. The best thing to do is to write to us immediately and one of our employees will take care of your request straight away.
Hermanns - Optimierung
  • 10 years of experience as an SEO and web design agency
  • We serve all industries from large corporations to small businesses
  • Fast and timely implementation of projects
Espressonero - Optimierung
  • Personal advisor for all projects right from the start
  • Search engine optimization and web design from a single source
  • 24-hour customer service – available for you around the clock
Tennisclub Burscheid - Optimierung
  • SEO and web design is independently tested and certified by Cert-EU
  • Transparent evidence and fair price structure
  • The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction
Miontec - Responsive Web design
TBL - Responsive Web design
Hermanns - Responsive Web design

SEO and web design agency Haan

We are your SEO and web design agency. We offer SEO consulting, SEO marketing and SEO optimization at the highest level. With professional search engine optimization for more visitors, more inquiries and more sales via your own website.

We help you to get your website to the top of Google for specific search terms to bring you lots of new visitors. What good is a beautiful website if you don’t get any visitors? As an experienced SEO marketing agency, we support our clients in implementing efficient search engine optimization.

We work with you to develop a concept with which you can present yourself more actively and sustainably where your target group is located. Constantly increase your brand awareness and thus the value of your company.

Search engine optimization for your website in Haan

We help you to make your website more visible on the web. For your better understanding, we will explain all the steps that are relevant for search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization starts with an analysis of your website. There it is checked whether the website meets the current requirements of the search engines. This includes, for example, the technology or the content of the website.

The content (text) is then optimized for your target group so that Google brings you more targeted visitors for your website. At the same time, the external presentation of the website is improved. This is done, for example, by placing suitable links on your website.

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Optimierung in fünf schritten

Our goal: to increase your leads, rankings and sales

We combine our expertise with data-centricity and helpfulness to present our clients' presence on the World Wide Web in the best possible way.

Put your trust in our SEO agency Haan

Our SEO agency successfully optimizes your website step by step through search engine optimization.

We have wide-ranging expertise in the technical aspects and in the use of SEO tools to provide you with the best content.

We work out an SEO strategy for you that you are completely satisfied with. We don’t want to be just any marketing agency for you, but your trusted partner.

  • Completed SEO strategy

    Together with your company, we will coordinate with your wishes and goals and jointly develop an optimal SEO strategy that combines success for you in the search results.

    Your website is structured according to important topics and keywords and optimized in such a way that the search engine classifies it as high quality. We don’t stop at short-tail keywords, but find the right long-tail keywords that are in demand according to your potential customers and will catapult you up the rankings.

  • Correct content and keywords

    SEO can only be as successful as it captures the intent of your customers. That is why we research where the interests of the target group lie. We find the content that matches the search intent.

    Through active research, we realize suitable keywords and agree on topics that fit you and your target group exactly.

  • OnPage optimization

    It all starts on your website. Therefore, we also start with our elaborated strategy to analyze your website from the ground up and initiate all necessary measures.

    We make sure that you are listed on Google and are optimally evaluated by the crawlers. We also optimize all other technical aspects (pagespeed, UX, etc.) and prepare the content for SEO.

  • Unique content

    Content is what ultimately sets you apart from the competition. Therefore, in addition to technical SEO, it is particularly important that the content is well-researched and coherent. We know how to create content that is unique and inspires not only visitors but also search engines.

    Your content will be precisely tailored to the search intentions of the target group and search engines such as Google.

  • Off-page optimization and link building

    Your unique content alone will have already generated some so-called backlinks. We will increase the number and quality of these links so that you benefit from serious and effective link building.

    We focus on websites with high authority and quality, so that your ranking in the search engine increases and your image radiates trustworthiness.

  • SEO relaunch

    Anyone who does not focus on search engine optimization when it comes to relaunching a website will unfortunately fail – as so many do in this case. We will support you with our SEO expertise to ensure that your desired relaunch takes place without any loss of ranking. This means that we will update the website using tried and tested methods to ensure that everything runs smoothly during implementation.

  • Technical SEO

    At first glance, SEO seems like a measure that fills your page content with keywords. But search engine optimization is so much more. We not only look at things from the perspective of the target group, but also from Google’s point of view. The Google bot is optimally guided through your site by our measures so that no misunderstandings arise. This way you will be crawled and indexed without any problems. The right signals are defined and the overall function of your website is guaranteed by us.

Ahead of the competition

Many only partially know what they are doing and optimize according to guidebook articles that they have read here and there. This may work, but not if the other party has invested in an excellent search engine optimized strategy.

So while your competitors are randomly trying out keywords and trying to make their site load faster, we carry out in-depth research that includes Google, the target group and the competition in the calculation. The website is technically prepared from top to bottom (we look at more than just the loading speed), we customize the content and we also build a reputable and transparent image for you outside the website via links.

It will pick up where it left off in the rankings.

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Do you want to bring your regional company to the top of the local search results on the Internet?

Never before have the chances of success been as great as they are now for generating inquiries on the Internet, winning customers, selling directly and increasing sales!

But how do you start to build up more visibility in what is currently the most important information medium, the Internet?
How do potential customers find you online?

As an SEO agency, we are committed to building this presence through services such as search engine optimization, web design, online e-shops and online marketing.

With our proven strategy for better visibility and certified*** optimization of your website, you receive an all-round carefree package for your online presence. This creates a valuable basis for your reach.

*** We are one of the few companies that can confirm the effectiveness of SEO work via an objective certificate from Cert-EU – trust is appropriate with us, but control is better for you.

Who is SEO suitable for?

Your own Internet presence is the cornerstone for more visibility and customer acquisition on the Internet. This means that you need a website that not only provides important information about your company, your offers, products and services, but your website must also be relevant to your target group.

Your site is relevant for search engines (Google, Bing, ….) if it is structured in a customer-oriented way, provides good information and functions technically flawlessly. Search engines use their own checking routines for this, the evaluation criteria of which are constantly changing. The optimization of your website takes this into account and constantly adapts to new requirements. Continuous optimization helps your company to win more customers in any case – regardless of whether you are a local retailer or part of a large corporation.

SEO is therefore suitable for anyone who has an Internet presence and is generally very effective and much cheaper than a sales representative.

The beautiful web design only becomes important once the future customer has found you. We help you to attract more people to your website.

Here is an industry excerpt with companies that are already benefiting significantly from SEO measures – including local SEO:

  • Doctors, dentists, orthopaedists and alternative practitioners
  • Lawyers and tax consultants
  • Broker
  • Restaurants
  • Specialty stores
  • Driving schools
  • Construction and installation companies
  • Online stores
  • Agencies
  • Consultants, coaches and trainers
  • Founder
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (both in the B2B and B2C sectors)
  • Any company that wants to scale its sales

What is SEO?

The term “SEO” is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

It includes all technical and content-related measures of a website with the crystal-clear goal: to promote the site with relevant keywords to the top positions in the search results of a search engine. Relevant content and keywords are important so that you get the right prospects. This enables SEO to capture all content, metadata and regular news/posts from your company.

Below you can see the most important steps of SEO editing:

Optimierung in fünf schrittenMake a request
Our vision
Our mission

Our vision

There are countless companies that offer excellent products or services but do not reach enough customers with them. Starting out as a pure SEO agency, our vision has remained the same from the very beginning: To reliably bring your offer to customers while inspiring people through innovation and many years of experience in the marketing sector. We are now making this vision a reality in a variety of ways. With every order, every concept and every post, we help our customers to realize their full potential and get a little closer to our goal.
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Our mission

As a young and dynamic team, we prove ourselves in the marketing world on a daily basis. We are always ready to learn new things, take on challenges and find new and creative solutions for our customers' needs. Honesty and transparency are particularly important to us. Our aim is to grow together and enter into long-term partnerships in which each party is satisfied. We offer many different online marketing services at our agency near Cologne.
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What customers say about us

Paulo Oliveira
As a marketing company for website support and other things, we have been in great hands here for more than a year, a dynamic team, very flexible and talented, I would be happy to recommend it to others.
Florian Knupp
Old mill
I can only say a super nice team all round. Very helpful and professional !!!!!! Would come to you again and again... Greetings Florian Knupp
Klaus Husarek
Web designer
I recently completed the 3 WordPress courses and successfully graduated with the corresponding Cert-EU certificates. In the individual one-to-one courses with the lecturer Alexander Zimpel, not only was all the course content discussed, but ...
Annika Reimert
Impeccable service - from advice to implementation. You receive a very friendly welcome and any questions are explained clearly. What's more, the result is really impressive! Gladly again.
Leonardo Fabrigas
I have already been a customer and would like to do my SEO optimization with your agency again. My experience with you was very positive and I think the new use of your services speaks for itself. ;-) I also agree with the comments below me. The advice is very friendly, detailed and above all honest.
Madita Brown
Positive: Quality. I am very satisfied with the optimization. We were able to find good compromises and I now really like my website. :) Best regards
Jürgen Hermanns
Expert witness
Seo Marketing under the leadership of Mr. Zimpel has realized the project "new website" for my company in a goal-oriented and focused manner. That was a decisive factor in my decision...
Dirk Eisenfeld
My call was answered quickly, otherwise I'm used to endless queues. So that's a huge plus from my point of view! I also felt very well advised in other respects. I look forward to continuing to work with you.
Berthold Lauper
I can only recommend the SEO Marketing courses. The material is explained in an understandable and very competent way. Individual needs are also addressed. Thank you
Kevin Reuter
We weren't able to meet in person despite the current circumstances, but your advice was still very detailed and I really enjoyed it. :-)

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How does Google sort the many websites?

With the flood of websites, you often ask yourself the question “How does Google do that?”

The search engine works like a robot: equipped with an intelligent algorithm, this robot, also known as a crawler, searches all pages on the web and their content.

The crawler reads your texts, scans your images and even checks whether your website meets the quality standards in terms of technology and content design or description. Google and other search engines evaluate your site based on over 200 ranking factors. Only specialists like us, who deal with these issues on a daily basis, know what they are and how to comply with them. Even the web designer can hardly keep up to date with the wealth of information and changes.

If your measures and website settings violate Google’s guidelines, you will be penalized by having your web pages completely banned from the index.

However, if you have a successful SEO strategy and have implemented the right measures, the search engine will reward you with more visibility and a good ranking, which will attract new customers.

The measures for your site can be of different nature and take place in 2 main areas:

  • directly on your website/domain, the onpage SEO
  • outside your website/domain, the offpage SEO

If the individual steps are efficiently combined and sensibly designed with the appropriate know-how, you will soon be able to celebrate long-term success with your website.

The SEO Marketing team

Our agency’s employees are specialists in various fields to ensure that your website receives professional and comprehensive support.

We are made up of experts for

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Text design
  • Webhosting
  • Web design

We are also an active partner of Cert-EU, a certification body for guideline-compliant SEO. Our customers can be sure that the SEO measures have actually been implemented for them and are not just a line item on the invoice.

As a holistic SEO agency, we are pleased to support regional companies from Haan or the surrounding area. Whether you are a small local business or a large company – we will be happy to advise you on topics such as hosting, web design, SEO and search engine marketing.

Our objective is always the organic and sustainable promotion of your website and not a short-term push through paid advertising.

Our services as an SEO agency for Haan at a glance

  • Search engine optimization
    This concerns the adaptation of your site to the algorithms of the search engines. If you want to be found on Google, Bing & Co. for your regional services in Haan, your website must always be up to date with the latest algorithms. We make sure that your website appears among the top rankings for the relevant keywords found together. Our agency optimizes your SEO and especially your local SEO so that your company is displayed to potential customers from Haan and the surrounding area.
  • Web design
    The “look and feel” of your website is not only important for aesthetic reasons. The right layout, an optimized structure and the use of important elements are also crucial for search engine optimization. With competent web design combined with SEO and technical know-how, we design the ideal website for you. This will not only please the search engines, but also your visitors, interested parties and customers.
  • Webhosting
    No website without web hosting – with us you get everything from a single source and don’t have to worry about every little detail yourself. You can also leave the complete technical setup of your website on a server that meets the requirements in terms of speed, equipment and costs to our professionals in the advertising agency.
  • Online stores
    Do you want to sell your goods via the Internet? We at the SEO agency Haan will set up the right online shop system for you and advise you on comprehensive search engine marketing.
  • SEO marketing with Google Ads
    Formerly known as Google AdWords, ads are a great short-term way to give your online visibility a real boost – but only if you have a solid SEO strategy that works without paid advertising in the long term. Our service also includes advice on choosing the right ads campaigns and strategy from a very economic point of view. Inexperienced Google Ads customers will have a much higher investment for the same result.
  • Social Media
    Your web presence can be supported by social media. Together we will decide whether it is advisable for you. You can reach potential customers via social networks, but only if they are active there. Work with our experienced specialists at the online marketing agency to develop a targeted social media strategy for your business at Haan.
  • Content creation with text and images
    Your website lives through your content. With the right structure, the content strongly supports the SEO properties of your website. We are also at your disposal for optimized text creation. It is also possible to coordinate image series and video presentations for your website with us.

The first position on Google gets the most traffic

This so-called click-through rate (CTR) is a statement about how often a website listed in the search is clicked on – in relation to the total impressions of the page on Google. In concrete terms, this means that if your company page for a specific search term is displayed to the searcher one hundred times and clicked on five times, the CTR is 5%.

An analysis of Google results has shown that the first place receives 31.7 % of all clicks. The runners-up still receive 24.7% of all clicks, whereas third place only receives 18.6%.

Furthermore, the data collection on organic search queries led to the following important findings:

  • The first position in the search results is clicked ten times more than the tenth position – the last place on the first page.
  • The organic click-through rate for positions seven to ten is practically the same: it is between 3 % and 4 %.
  • On average, the click-through rate increases by around 30.8% if a website moves up just one position in the search results. It should be noted that this also depends on exactly which ranking is changed: The effect on the front places is stronger.
  • Customizing the title and description with the help of SEO also increases the CTR by 45% in some cases.

That’s why it’s so important to rank your company website in the top three for the keywords that really matter. To ensure that your potential customers also click on your website, the framework conditions must also be search engine optimized.

How does SEO work?

How important your website is can be measured based on data: If your company website is found for the important search terms used by your target group, you have the best chance of successfully closing sales.

This is because search engines have a major goal: they want to deliver the most important result to users as quickly as possible. The more important your content is, the greater the chances of being displayed in the top 10 search results.

This is because the first 10 results are displayed on the first page of the search engine. The pages are also known under the term “Search Engine Result Page” or SERP for short. The eleventh result is already displayed on the second SERP – so it requires the searcher to click again on page 2: Only a fraction of all users actually click on the next page of search results. As a rule, they even find their answers on the first three websites displayed.

The most frequently used search engine in Germany is still Google. Bing and others follow at a considerable distance. If you manage to place your company’s website on the first page of Google results, you will receive the most clicks from potential customers.

Local SEO - More customers from Haan thanks to local search

Remember: search engines aim to deliver the best possible results to users as quickly as possible. Google, for example, also accesses the current location of the searcher. This information is used by the algorithm to display search results in the immediate vicinity. If a potential customer is looking for a car repair shop, for example, the garages are presented to them in order of distance from the current location.

At the same time, search terms that have a direct location in the search phrase are also increasing. Many people now google “car repair shop Haan” or “doctor Haan”. These are exactly the best potential customers you need to attract to your website. Because these users already have a clear intention to make use of your product or service – they are just looking for the right company to do so.

It is therefore essential that you take advantage of local SEO, because this is where your chances of beating your competitors are highest.

As an SEO agency, we specialize in the local industry. We know how you can optimize your placement in local search results. We would be happy to advise you on a suitable strategy.

Can advertisements replace SEO measures?

Would you like to take the quick route via advertising? In some cases, it can make sense to invest in search engine advertising (SEA). Google Ads place your website at the top of the search results for a corresponding amount – you have probably already noticed that these ads are always among the first three positions in the search. But be careful: On the one hand, the costs per click (CPC or cost per click) can be very expensive – for example for highly competitive search terms. On the other hand, you must not neglect the search engine optimization of your site. For example, if you have not fully grasped the SEO basics of your web design and your keyword research, your use of AdWords will come to nothing.

It’s better to put the brakes on your initial enthusiasm and invest your budget in a qualified SEO agency. We are your specialist.

Ads are basically an additional sensible measure to scale the growth of your company. However, they can only unfold their full power once you have strategically built up your website. Because investing in good search engine marketing is more likely to pay off for you in the long term.

What does good SEO involve?

Good SEO includes all measures that signal to search engines: There is relevant content for the target group here!

A variety of measures can be taken to send these signals to the Google bot. These can basically be divided into three components: technical SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO primarily includes the following technical and structural tasks relating to your website:

  • Technically flawless programming and execution
    Your website must be programmed according to web standards and be readable by the search engine. Sensible structuring using HTML is just as important as the absolute avoidance of malicious code. The latter is important for the security of your website, which in turn is a ranking factor.
  • Indexability of the page and no exclusion from search engines
    When you launch your website, it must also be findable by search engines. This means that the crawler must not be excluded from your site by certain code.
  • Responsive design for mobile access
    The number of users who only surf the Internet via their smartphone has increased significantly. Search engines are therefore paying more and more attention to ensuring that websites are optimized for mobile viewing. Since March 2021, websites have even only ranked according to the “mobile first” principle.
    The responsive design, which adapts to the screen size, ensures that users can find their way around.

    If, on the other hand, pop-ups overlay the page on the smartphone to such an extent that the user can no longer navigate properly, this sends a negative signal to the search engine.

  • Use of structured data
    Structured data adds further information to your website by classifying your content. Google can use this to display so-called rich snippets in the search results – short additional information such as star ratings. This is more eye-catching for the user and increases the click rate.

Onpage optimization - directly on websites

Onpage optimization includes all the steps you can take on your own website to make it findable and readable for your customers. In principle, we can actively influence all of these factors.

Important to know: Onpage and onsite are not the same thing! While onsite optimization refers to your entire website or domain, onpage optimization only affects a single page – for example, just your homepage or a landing page with your offer. This is so important to understand so that you do not compete with yourself if, for example, you optimize all pages of your domain for one and the same keyword.

Onpage optimization is the most relevant, as the individual pages are also displayed in the search results. If the main domain is listed, this means that the homepage has been SEO optimized.

Webdesign - responsiv

What measures are necessary for on-page SEO optimization?

With over 200 ranking factors, which Google still keeps largely secret, some elements have nevertheless proven to be extremely important for a good ranking in the search results.

  • Relevant keywords
    Keywords are a decisive factor in your site being found in the search results at all. Keywords are search terms that potential new customers enter into your search engine. If you know these terms after a corresponding keyword research and analysis, you can optimize your site accordingly. This signals to the search engine that you want to be listed for this specific term.

    While keyword stuffing used to be common and search terms had to be used in exactly the same spelling, Google has learned a lot in recent years. The engine also recognizes synonyms or related terms more and more reliably.

    The frequency of keywords or keyword density plays an important role here. Using various tools such as the WDF*IDF formula, we check how your keywords are used sensibly.

    If you use keywords in the important places in the text, such as the different headings, you have a good chance of being found. Leave the keyword research to the experienced professionals at the SEO agency Haan. We find the relevant keywords for your company so that you end up in the top positions in local searches around Haan.

  • Relevant and interesting content for the target group
    Your texts, images and graphics must give users what they are looking for. High-quality content is not only important to the Google bot, but also has a direct impact on the satisfaction of your customers. Here too, Google can use data to assess whether your content is relevant: If a user quickly clicks back to the search results page after coming to your website, this is a sign for the search engine that your content is not relevant. The user has not found what they were looking for.

    Therefore, avoid misleading headlines to keep the bounce rate low. Instead, increase the length of stay by actually offering what your title promises.
    Also pay attention to unique content, i.e. content that is unique and not copied. The latter are penalized by the search engine.

  • Comprehensible layout and coherent structure of your website
    Remember: Google’s ultimate goal is to provide users with the results they are looking for as quickly as possible. User-friendliness is therefore another important element of on-page optimization. Does your page have a coherent layout and a good page structure, are referral links included in the text and is it broken up by media such as images? Is your text structured with headings, bulleted lists and paragraphs? Or does your page contain elements that cannot be loaded? Google takes all these factors into account when evaluating the website.
  • Speaking URL
    If the link to your page contains not just a random collection of letters and numbers, but in the best case relevant keywords, this also has a positive effect on on-page optimization. The crawler can read the URL and assign it to the search terms.

    In addition to the title and a short description (meta description), the corresponding URL also appears in the SERPs. If it is appealing and relevant, the user is more likely to click on your result.

  • Internal links
    Links play a major role on websites. Especially in the area of off-page optimization, they are indispensable. But internal links are also used for on-page optimization. You link your page to other pages and thus provide a structure for the user. If your links make sense and the user clicks on them, this also increases the time spent on your entire website. This in turn is a strong signal for Google.
  • Short loading times
    The world of the Internet in particular is a fast-moving world. If a prospective customer has to wait too long for your website to load, they will quickly leave. And Google notices this too. Loading times therefore have an impact on the ranking of your site.

    How exactly loading times can be optimized depends on many different factors. For example, the media used must be compressed in a certain way so that they do not take too long to be fully assembled. HTML errors that you don’t even notice from the outside can also be responsible for long loading times.

Offpage optimization - outside your own website

Onpage optimization includes all the steps you take outside your own website. These measures cannot always be influenced directly, but they can be controlled indirectly

What measures are necessary for off-page SEO optimization?


Backlinks are still among the strongest off-page SEO elements. Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. For example, if someone links to your entry for a specific product, the search engine considers this to be a direct recommendation. But beware: the quality of the link’s page of origin is crucial here. Google downgrades so-called spam pages anyway – if you have received links from such pages, your website will also be penalized. In this way, search engines want to curb the spread of spam and only display truly relevant and high-quality content.

On the other hand, if you have received a backlink from a strong, relevant page, you can be happy: this is a positive signal for your SEO.

These points must also be taken into account with regard to backlinks:

  • The source must be trustworthy.
  • There must be a thematic connection between the content of the source and your website.
  • Please refrain from using purchased links and negative search engine marketing.

Now you basically cannot influence whether a spam page, for example, sets a link to your website. With the right tools, however, we can identify and fix the problem. Monitoring your off-page optimization is one of the most important tasks for good SEO.

Google My Business

With Google My Business, Google has created a virtual business card for companies. Google My Business entries are placed prominently at the top by the search engine and displayed with Google Maps or photos, for example. As a result, companies receive significantly more attention than with a simple entry.

And don’t forget that your customers can rate you on Google My Business. Customer reviews and experiences can increase your conversion enormously, because a human recommendation has an exceptionally high weight.

A study also found that around 56% of all users who are shown a Google My Business entry also click through to the corresponding website. This is a very good opportunity for you to increase your visibility organically and generate more sales. Because the Google My Business entry is free of charge. However, you must keep it up to date at all times. Our regional SEO advertising agency will be happy to set this up for you.

Social Signals

Links from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms are also becoming increasingly important. Since people are on social media almost every day, backlinks from there are considered social signals for the search engine.

The more often your website is linked, tweeted or re-posted, the better its reputation will be. In order to provide your company with the best possible support in this area, our agency also offers social media as a service.

Why do we optimize better than other agencies?

10 good reasons to choose the SEO agency Haan as your partner for online marketing and web design in Haan

Local SEO agency in Haan

We specifically advise local companies in and around Haan. With local SEO and local web design, you have the best chance of surviving the growing digital competition on the web. You don’t need to spend millions on ads – with a creative SEO strategy you can also achieve greater reach. In over 10 years of experience in SEO at Haan, we have found that it is still possible to climb to the top of the search results pages. We will be happy to show you your next steps.

Certified SEO and certified web design

How do you as a customer actually know that an SEO agency is working correctly? You often only realize this when your website actually gets a good ranking on Google.

We offer you tangible proof of our work by having it confirmed with a certificate from the Cert-EU. The ESEOL (European Search Engine Optimization Licence) certificate confirms the quality of our search engine optimization with regard to the following points:

  • Structure, layout and scope of the website,
  • The technology behind it, which improves the performance of the website,
  • Compliance with search engine guidelines for optimal SEO

With the certification, we receive a detailed report on the key points and, if necessary, we can also make a few adjustments.

The Cert-EU certificate is valid for one year. With re-certification, we ensure that your website always remains up to date with the latest SEO measures.

The most important points at a glance:

The most important factors for successful SEO optimization are as follows:

  • Error-free programming
  • Indexability of the website
  • Responsive design and mobile first
  • Short loading times
  • Internal links
  • Structured data
  • Comprehensible layout and coherent structure of your website
  • Clear navigation and menus
  • Speaking URL with relevant keywords
  • Click-strong titles for your content with keywords
  • Subheadings for structuring – also with relevant keywords
  • Relevant keywords in the text – but no keyword stuffing, please
  • Relevant and interesting content for the target group
  • Link building from trustworthy sources and social networks
  • Google My Business entry to increase organic visibility

Other reasons:

  • SEO optimized web design – responsive, modern and creative
  • Competitor analysis and market research – in Haan and the surrounding area
  • Search engine optimization and local SEO for Haan
  • Onpage and offpage analyses and optimization by our agency
  • Keyword research for optimized visibility in search engines
  • Comprehensive advice and hosting for your website
  • Over 10 years of experience in the digital industry
  • Personal support from our regional advertising agency specialists

As a consulting agency, personal customer service is part of our DNA. Whenever you have a question, you can count on our reliable specialists.

What does SEO improve for you?

Set yourself apart from your competitors and invest in a website with certified web design and good search engine optimization. Don’t waste the ideal opportunity to be listed at the top of the major search engines. Because these placements mean significantly more sales for you.

Your advantages when you are displayed in organic search

The visibility of your website in organic search not only has the advantage of more immediate clicks. You also benefit from a good placement at second glance.

  • You get free visibility – unless you choose to advertise with Google AdWords
  • Digital marketing measure: SEO is a form of marketing if you have the right strategy.
  • Higher rankings give you a leap of faith: Users rate the top search results as trustworthy. In addition, Google itself evaluates your site according to certain criteria and determines its reputation. Factors such as the technical condition, your seriousness as an entrepreneur and other qualities of the site play a role here. The higher quality you appear to Google, the more likely the search engine is to reward you with a higher ranking.
  • Your target group feels directly addressed because they are specifically looking for what you offer. SEO is therefore essential for acquiring new customers.

Which should also convince you: According to a study, companies generate twice as much revenue via organic search – compared to other channels. All these advantages combined lead to more sales in your company and to long-term customer loyalty.

Your goal must therefore be to be listed as high up as possible in Google searches – and as permanently as possible. How do you manage that? With a good SEO strategy and optimized web design.

All services such as web design & SEO & marketing & technology from a single source if required

SEO, web design, technology and marketing – all services from a single source
Are you tired of hiring a new agency for every aspect of your online marketing? When many different minds are involved, it’s not just coordination on your part that is much more difficult. Collaboration with one another can also lead to longer processing times if there are too many people in charge, for example.

At the SEO agency Haan you get all the services you need for your website from a single source. We specialize in completing orders in the best possible order and in the shortest possible time. You no longer have to worry about little things like making appointments. Leave your online marketing to our experts and look forward to being rewarded with a coherent presence on the World Wide Web.

Professional, friendly team with customer-oriented services

Professional customer service is one of our leading values. Friendly cooperation and the feeling of being on the same wavelength are important to us. Respectful cooperation is crucial for a successful project, both among employees and in our dealings with them.

We don’t just slap a blueprint on you to tick off a checklist. Instead, we work with you and your visions to develop a holistic concept for your website. After all, an SEO strategy can look different depending on the goals you are pursuing and the customers you want to serve. We don’t just provide you with technology and keywords. We are known for customer-oriented services that take your company to the next level.

Only we have our SEO work independently reviewed for you

We are the only known SEO agency that submits all search engine optimization implementations to CERT-EU .

This neutral body examines a website with regard to SEO standards and customer orientation. If the requirements are met, SEO agencies are issued certificates in various grades – bronze, silver and gold. The inspection body pays particular attention to the design and structure of the website, compliance with SEO requirements and technical implementation. Because only if all these points are rated as good can you be sure that your site will also be found by potential customers in the search engines.

We are particularly proud to have achieved GOLD certification at the very first attempt. So you can be sure that we will create high-quality websites for you with our work.

By the way: You may of course use the CERT-EU seal for your own website following our inspection.

Continuous implementation of search engine requirements

The requirements of the major search engines for a good placement in the search results are dynamic. It is not enough to read up on SEO once and then never touch the website again. On the contrary: with every update that the search engine rolls out, the algorithm changes and you have to consider and implement new requirements.

Unfortunately, Google does not officially announce how the more than 200 ranking factors are actually weighted. Only constant testing, observation and experience can help here.

We can help you! We monitor the algorithm on a daily basis and carry out sophisticated test procedures to determine the optimal interaction of all ranking factors for your website. And if something changes in the guidelines, we are there to implement the new requirements at lightning speed. This means that your website is always up to date.

Customers who have only had positive experiences

Our customers rate our range, our service and the price-performance ratio as outstanding.

We always receive positive feedback on our detailed advice on SEO issues. We are particularly praised for our ability to quickly get to grips with abstract projects. Our customers also appreciate the fact that we describe the topic of online marketing to them objectively and realistically and show them what is possible for the company with a good website.

Local retailers and large online stores are equally happy about our cooperation.

Many clients who come to us have already had bad experiences with other SEO agencies. For example, costs were often invoiced even though the result was not satisfactory. The journey to us was therefore often associated with a great deal of skepticism. But our customers are rewarded for their trust in us! We don’t charge you horrendous fees for pointless SEO measures. With us, you get the best advice for your website, tailored to your individual goals. With the right strategy, we can help you gain more customers on the Internet – and more sales!

Arrange your free initial consultation with our SEO agency in Haan

More visitors, more customers, more sales

In an initial free consultation, we analyze your website in terms of search engine optimization, technology and web design. Is your website designed to be user-friendly? Is it sensibly structured and is the potential customer guided to a clear goal? What does your Google ranking look like?

We will show you a customized SEO plan for your company that sets out the next clear steps.

If you are then interested in working with us, we will work with you on the specific steps you need to take to make your website more successful on the Internet.

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in your new project!

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Alexander Zimpel

SEO expert

As an SEO expert, I make sure that companies are visible online. With strategic thinking and analytical skills, I bring websites into the top positions of the search results. Data analysis, targeted placement of keywords and the maximization of organic traffic are among my core competencies. I turn visions into reality, strengthen the online presence and highlight brands. My goal is to drive the growth of companies through effective search engine optimization.

Melanie Zimpel-Fantastico

Owner and managing director

As Managing Director, I lead our company on the road to success. At my workplace, I bring strategy and quality together. I lead our team with passion and foresight, navigate through complex businesses and steer our company to new heights. At the same time, I monitor processes, identify potential for improvement and ensure that our standards are always exceeded. I cultivate customer relationships and build trust. My goal? Leading our company to the top, establishing quality as a trademark and writing success stories that will be remembered.

Prachi Karandikar

Web designer

As a web programmer and web designer, I am the creative force behind digital wonders. My toolbox is a fusion of aesthetics and technology, where I merge design and code to create stunning websites. I brought ideas to life by combining HTML, CSS, JavaScript and intuitive UX designs. With an eye for detail and a penchant for user-friendliness, I design interfaces that are both beautiful and functional. I listen carefully to my clients to turn their dreams into pixel-perfect reality. My goal? Transforming the digital landscape through innovative, user-centered websites and transforming the World Wide Web into a place of inspiration and interaction.

Sofia Corte Iñiguez

Graphic and media designer

As a media designer with a focus on UX/UI and graphic design, my focus is on creating appealing and functional designs. My main task is to transform concepts into user-friendly interfaces and customized graphics that optimally meet the needs of the target group. Working closely with my team, I strive to develop high-quality designs that support the desired goals and strengthen our clients’ online presence. Whether it’s designing intuitive user interfaces, creating appealing graphics or developing innovative design concepts – with creativity, expertise and a keen sense of aesthetics, I help to realize our clients’ visions and strengthen their brand identity.

Niklas Knight

Social Media Manager

Niklas Ritter is the creative mind behind the social media projects at SEO Marketing GmbH. As Social Media Manager, he designs and manages innovative campaigns that help our clients strengthen their social media presence and reach their target audiences. From strategy development and content planning to analyzing the results, Niklas supports you in your social media presence and ensures that you can achieve your digital goals.

Eric Yalden

Project Manager

Eric is the first point of contact for our customers and is on hand to help you develop a holistic concept for your optimal online presence. It ensures that projects are completed on time and within the individual budget. With his keen eye for detail and his talent for making optimum use of resources, he achieves outstanding results. His ability to tackle challenges calmly and decisively contributes to perfect team coordination and ensures that our customers’ goals are achieved.

Tom Illing

IT and web programmer

As an IT and web programmer, I am a digital alchemist who transforms codes into magical experiences. Using my keyboard as a magic wand, I create impressive virtual worlds and seamless user experiences. I work with languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to bring websites and applications to life. My skills range from developing customized e-commerce platforms to improving the security of web applications. I am a problem solver who is comfortable in the digital weeks and always stays on top of the latest technology. My goal? Turning your vision into a digital reality that enchants users and drives your business forward.

Jacob Zab

Sales employee

You can look forward to an objective and targeted discussion with me. My focus is on the goals of our customers. As a sales representative and account manager, I am a passionate business enthusiast and relationship architect. My daily adventure is to build bridges between our company and our valued customers. With a smile in my voice and an ear for the needs of our customers, I navigate confidently through negotiations and offer presentations. I am a master relationship builder who always strives to gain the trust of our clients and forge long-term partnerships. My goal? Exceed customer expectations and drive the growth of our company by taking customer satisfaction to a new level.

Rafaela Tavares

Content Creator

As a content creator, I focus on creating high-quality content that is not only informative, but also engages and captivates readers. My main task is to transform ideas and information into clear, convincing and easy-to-understand texts that are tailored to the needs of the desired target group. I work closely with my team to ensure that the texts we create support the desired objectives and strengthen our clients’ online presence. And this is exactly what I focus on in my daily work. Whether it’s telling compelling stories, writing informative articles or creating persuasive advertising copy, I use creativity, expertise and the right choice of words to create interesting texts that effectively convey our clients’ messages and make their brand shine.

Dion Ajvazi

Junior SEO Manager

As a Junior SEO Manager at SEO Marketing GmbH, I am responsible for optimizing our clients’ websites to increase their visibility in search engines. My tasks include carrying out keyword research, analyzing competitors, creating SEO reports and implementing on-page and off-page optimization measures. In addition, I monitor the technical SEO to ensure that all websites comply with current SEO standards. My aim is to increase organic traffic through targeted measures and to improve our clients’ rankings in the search results.