SEO Marketing Cologne only works with the best.

This also includes the WordPress host Hostpress! Our website stands for modern design and the latest technology. We offer 10 years of experience in SEO, 12 years in web design, 84 satisfied customers and almost 100 processed domains.

The Internet is the largest marketplace for companies to get in touch with their customers. It is particularly important for local businesses to be found in search engines such as Google. Together with you, we will develop a concept to position yourself more actively and sustainably where your target group is located. This will steadily increase the value of your company in terms of awareness.

Long-term success in online marketing: very extensive and only works in combination with various instruments.

We only work with the best. Modern hosting and the latest software for your technology. Our hosting provider HostPress makes us so happy because it too is a top instrument in the chain that works flawlessly and drives our success.

What does HostPress offer me?

HostPress, a German hosting provider specializing in WordPress, became quite well known through recommendations from tech and e-business portals as well as industry magazines. A WordPress host that offers various tariffs. In general, the WordPress hosting range of services is very extensive. HostPress advertises up to four times the speed of normal web hosting and very high performance even with high traffic demands. Furthermore, daily backups and comprehensive, customer-friendly advice.

Our experience with HostPress: convincing arguments

Top price and performance in a balanced relationship. Cheap is no longer the decisive argument, many hosting providers advertise this, but it is the ratio that is convincing. We found out for ourselves that even the lowest price doesn’t help if the performance isn’t right. Paying little did not convince us, because our previous provider lacked quality. Frequent outages and poor loading times are no longer an issue for us, and HostPress has convinced us of this. From now on, a balanced ratio will ensure that we no longer lose visitors.

Top technical performance

A technical infrastructure ideally tailored to our needs. HostPress also offers us a favorable offer for many websites, which provides top technical performance. No more problems like with mass hosting, where you don’t even know how to save which website and implement it as ideally as possible.

Top customer service

A decisive argument for us: no long waiting times and support that responds at lightning speed. With HostPress, we can rest assured that we will not be abandoned. We receive extremely fast and always personalized service. We like HostPress as a WordPress hoster because many services are included, from our move to the day-to-day work, just a top service provider.

Top result

HostPress as a WordPress host really makes our websites more reliable and faster. We and our customers count on this stable support. Our experience with HostPress clearly shows us that it is a top result that we will not want to do without in the future. Reliability, performance and service make HostPress what you are.

We also achieve our goals thanks to HostPress.

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