Version 11.1 for Android and iOS

A comprehensive software update for the WordPress app for Android and iOS was recently presented by WordPress manufacturer Automattic. A significant modification is the new quick start area, which displays the recommended steps for creating a meaningful website. Numerous other new features are also included in the 11.1 version. The respective changes differ depending on whether the app is compatible with Android or iOS.

All push notifications at a glance

All push notifications can be read on the home screen in the new version. Another new feature allows users to view the number of words and characters in a post at a glance and to copy the link to the post into a comment. There are step-by-step instructions for installing Jetpack especially for Android users. As usual, the developers of the new version have fixed some bugs of the outdated versions and increased the overall reliability of the content management application.

The modifications for Android at a glance

  • Step-by-step instructions for installing Jetpack
  • Cleaned up code for faster and safer use
  • Error corrections
  • Improved system stability

The modifications for iOS at a glance

  • Number of words and characters of posts can be viewed on the “Actions” sheet in the editor
  • New quick start area with tips for website creation
  • Mentions allows you to display all push notifications on the home screen
  • Copying links into the comments is possible
  • Error corrections
  • Improved system stability

The new WordPress app 11.1 for Android and iOS is now available to download.

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