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SEO definition

The abbreviation SEO is often used for the term search engine optimization. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In order to improve the ranking of a website or certain subpages in an Internet search query, certain measures are used for optimal ranking via SEO.

In order to apply these measures in the most professional way, special online or SEO agencies are commissioned to carry them out. In order to create such an SEO campaign professionally, a basis must first be created. This basis begins with a so-called briefing discussion, which takes place between the client and the contractor. An analysis of the affected website is then carried out to determine the status quo of the website.

The next step is to define the core objectives of SEO. For example, a company can express the wish to appear among the first search results on Google etc. with selected products. To do this, search terms must be defined in advance.

SEO definition for search engines

In order to perfect search engine optimization, a distinction is made between 3 measures:

Seo definition for Onsite

The on-site measure refers to the ranking optimization of your own website content.

In order to carry out on-site SEO as optimally as possible, it is essential to have a logical URL structure for the website and meaningful content. As already mentioned, the search terms are very important in order to be among the first results for the search query. To achieve this, technical readability of the website is a top priority.

Successful on-site SEO is characterized by the following features:

  • The display on mobile devices offers an appealing design
  • There is a logical and above all clear URL structure
  • The execution of JavaScript and CSS files is low
  • There is an accessible and valid code for the search bots
  • Correct code and clear execution of content elements are provided

Seo definition for Offsite /Offpage

The offsite measure describes the ranking optimization of external sources.

A particularly important measure of offsite SEO is the number of links that redirect to your own website. It is just as important to find out which websites link to your own website, as this can also have negative effects. For example, the search bot could include the linking spam blog. The quality and context of the website (content) are particularly important.

Another measure is the on-page measure, in which the optimization of the ranking takes place directly on the selected landing pages. This includes content as well as design. The difference to on-site SEO here are the keywords, which play an important role.

The keywords must be placed as specifically as possible and in all relevant places. So that the reader is not presented with a list of keywords, these must be incorporated into the text in a meaningful way in order to offer the reader added value. Some helpful measures are

  • Sensible and comprehensible use of images
  • Clear regulation of comment functions
  • Optimization of the landing page structure
  • Optimization of links within your own website
  • Create interactivity, for example. through the integration of users

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