What is the Google Question Hub?

Some questions cannot be answered on the Internet. That’s why Google has launched the “Google Question Hub”. Following a launch in India, Nigeria and Indonesia, US Americans now also have access to Google’s tool.

If you search for something on the Internet, you will usually find the right answers. However, as this is not always the case, Google has created the “Question Hub”. According to our research, this started in 2018 and was initially limited to the Asian countries of India and Indonesia and to Nigeria in Africa.

Google has now announced on its FAQ page that the Question Hub has also been launched in the USA. Every US-American now has access to Google’s new tool via their Google Search Console account. If you do not have access to the Search Console, you can also use your normal Google account to access the Question Hub.

In Germany, however, you still have to be patient. The Google Question Hub is not yet available here, but you can be put on a waiting list. If the Question Hub is then also launched in Germany, you will receive a notification from Google. As the hub has now entered its beta phase in the USA, it is not unlikely that the new tool will also come to Europe.

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But what is Google’s Question Hub actually about?

The Google Question Hub is an online tool that allows websites, bloggers or other content creators to create targeted posts.

This involves taking unanswered questions from users. These are then answered by the creators. The Question Hub therefore offers the opportunity to create targeted content. The Google Question Hub is located within the Search Console and is also still in the beta phase and therefore not yet fully developed.

How does the Google Question Hub work?

Google’s Question Hub filters out unanswered questions from the search engine’s search results in order to find gaps in content. These questions are listed in the Question Hub and sorted into categories. After successfully logging in, the Question Hub user can select one of the predefined categories. It is best to choose a category to which you can add content yourself or to which you have already created content.

After selecting the category, the open questions are displayed in a list. You then select a question from this list that you want to answer. To do this, you store a link to a post in the hub that answers the question. If you don’t have a post yet, you can use the question to create targeted content. You can use the gaps in content to increase your own reach by storing answers to questions in the Google Question Hub. However, a saved answer in the Hub does not automatically mean that you will be ranked higher in Google search.

When you log in to the Google Question Hub, you have to specify the country and language for which you want to answer questions. Question Hub thus offers international websites the opportunity to answer questions and create content for several countries at the same time. This can be used to significantly increase its range.

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Google Question Hub launches in the USA and other countries

The new tool from Google offers the creators of new content the advantage of increasing their reach, even if a stored answer does not automatically ensure more attention. If you answer several questions in the Question Hub, you can also increase the probability of being listed higher, although perhaps not in all questions. The Question Hub also offers an analysis field. Among other things, clicks or activities can be checked and analyzed there. Users of the Question Hub are also shown how many questions they have already answered and how many contributions have been made. Since the competition for individual questions is likely to be high due to such a tool, an SEO-optimized post is all the more important.

Thanks to its question-and-answer principle, the Question Hub can help to find ideas for new content. In this way, you can be inspired to write new posts by the questions posed by Google users, or you can specify your existing posts in order to generate more attention. The Google Question Hub is therefore an important and very helpful tool for both Google users and creators. Since creators can generate targeted content, Google users get answers to their questions. But creators can also benefit from more attention and the targeted creation of posts. Even if we still have to be patient here in Germany.

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