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This is us

There are countless companies that offer good products and services, but not every company manages to reach enough customers and realize its full potential. Our history began as a pure SEO agency, which has already successfully established the name SEO Marketing in the industry. We started out with the vision of reliably bringing our range to the customer and standing out and inspiring through innovation and many years of experience in marketing. We can now make this vision a reality in many different ways, even beyond SEO. With our customized concepts and contributions, we help our customers to exploit their full potential. The young and dynamic team at SEO Marketing GmbH proves itself every day anew in the world of online marketing. The team’s high willingness to learn enables many new ways to achieve your goal. We are happy to take on challenges and find a creative way to turn your wishes into reality. Honesty and transparency are particularly important to us. The aim is to grow together and build long-term partnerships, which is why the customer always comes first for us. We offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of online marketing, because we want to leave nothing to be desired. Our team is passionate about successfully marketing your products and services and promoting your company.

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What makes us special


Understanding and advice

Understanding you as a customer and reflecting your corporate image in the best possible way is particularly important to us. Our team takes time for you to understand your wishes, ideas and values. This gives you a customized marketing concept that you can identify with. Your personal contact will provide you with easy-to-understand and competent advice on your concerns so that together we can set measurable goals for your company’s success. So you are always directly involved in your marketing!


Certified web design and SEO

The websites we design are checked by independent controls of CERT-EU. This way you can be sure that your website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets all search engine criteria. Your site is checked for over 100 criteria. With attractive designs, appealing texts and websites specially designed for search engines, no wish remains unfulfilled.


Full service of the SEO marketing agency

An infinite number of marketing opportunities means an infinite number of ways! With the full service offer from your SEO marketing agency, you are sure to reach your goal. Whether appealing websites, target group-oriented social media campaigns or exciting blog articles: Our team adapts to your individual requirements, advises you professionally and offers you exactly the solutions you need. This is how sustainable marketing works today.

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Our values



Our team gives 100% punctuality, creativity and quality on every job.


We want to grow together with you and create long-term customer relationships - both for you and with each other.


We don't sell you anything that you don't need. We offer you sustainable marketing with individual solutions for every goal.

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Alexander Zimpel Profilbild

Alexander Zimpel

Owner and SEO expert

As the owner and SEO expert, I am the travel guide of our digital adventure and the navigator for visibility in the online jungle. My company is my canvas on which I masterfully paint the art of search engine optimization. With strategic thinking and analytical acumen, I design digital landscapes that catapult our company to the top of the search results. I am a data juggler who analyzes trends, masterfully places keywords and maximizes organic traffic. At the same time, I am a guiding light who puts the vision of our company into practice. My goal? Strengthen your and our online presence, make your and our brand shine and take the growth of your and our company to a new level through search engine optimization.


Melanie Zimpel-Fantastico

Managing Director

As Managing Director, I am the driving force on the journey to success. My workplace is the battlefield of innovation, where I merge strategy and quality. I lead our team with passion and foresight, navigate through complex business landscapes and steer our company to new heights. At the same time, I am a supervisory body that monitors processes, identifies potential for improvement and ensures that our standards are always exceeded. I am the bridge-builder who cultivates customer relationships and builds trust. My goal? To lead you and our company to the top, establish quality as a trademark and write success stories that will be remembered.

Prachi Karandikar

Prachi Karandikar

Web designer

As a web programmer and web designer, I am the creative force behind digital wonders. My toolbox is a fusion of aesthetics and technology, where I merge design and code to create stunning websites. I brought ideas to life by combining HTML, CSS, JavaScript and intuitive UX designs. With an eye for detail and a penchant for user-friendliness, I design interfaces that are both beautiful and functional. I listen carefully to my clients to turn their dreams into pixel-perfect reality. My goal? Transforming the digital landscape through innovative, user-centered websites and transforming the World Wide Web into a place of inspiration and interaction.


Sofia Corte Iñiguez

Graphic and media designer

As a media designer with a focus on UX/UI and graphic design, my focus is on creating appealing and functional designs. My main task is to transform concepts into user-friendly interfaces and customized graphics that optimally meet the needs of the target group. Working closely with my team, I strive to develop high-quality designs that support the desired goals and strengthen our clients’ online presence. Whether it’s designing intuitive user interfaces, creating appealing graphics or developing innovative design concepts – with creativity, expertise and a keen sense of aesthetics, I help to realize our clients’ visions and strengthen their brand identity.


Niklas Knight

Social Media Manager

Niklas Ritter is the creative mind behind the social media projects at SEO Marketing GmbH. As Social Media Manager, he designs and manages innovative campaigns that help our clients strengthen their social media presence and reach their target audiences. From strategy development and content planning to analyzing the results, Niklas supports you in your social media presence and ensures that you can achieve your digital goals.


Eric Yalden

Project Manager

Eric is the first point of contact for our customers and is on hand to help you develop a holistic concept for your optimal online presence. It ensures that projects are completed on time and within the individual budget. With his keen eye for detail and his talent for making optimum use of resources, he achieves outstanding results. His ability to tackle challenges calmly and decisively contributes to perfect team coordination and ensures that our customers’ goals are achieved.

Tom Illing

Tom Illing

IT and web programmer

As an IT and web programmer, I am a digital alchemist who transforms codes into magical experiences. Using my keyboard as a magic wand, I create impressive virtual worlds and seamless user experiences. I work with languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to bring websites and applications to life. My skills range from developing customized e-commerce platforms to improving the security of web applications. I am a problem solver who is comfortable in the digital weeks and always stays on top of the latest technology. My goal? Turning your vision into a digital reality that enchants users and drives your business forward.

Jakob Zab

Jacob Zab

Sales employee

You can look forward to an objective and targeted discussion with me. My focus is on the goals of our customers. As a sales representative and account manager, I am a passionate business enthusiast and relationship architect. My daily adventure is to build bridges between our company and our valued customers. With a smile in my voice and an ear for the needs of our customers, I navigate confidently through negotiations and offer presentations. I am a master relationship builder who always strives to gain the trust of our clients and forge long-term partnerships. My goal? Exceed customer expectations and drive the growth of our company by taking customer satisfaction to a new level.

Rafaela Tavares

Rafaela Tavares

Content Creator

As a content creator, I focus on creating high-quality content that is not only informative, but also engages and captivates readers. My main task is to transform ideas and information into clear, convincing and easy-to-understand texts that are tailored to the needs of the desired target group. I work closely with my team to ensure that the texts we create support the desired objectives and strengthen our clients’ online presence. And that’s exactly what I focus on in my daily work. Whether it’s telling compelling stories, writing informative articles or creating persuasive advertising copy, I use creativity, expertise and the right choice of words to create interesting texts that effectively convey our clients’ messages and make their brand shine.

Dion Ajvazi

Junior SEO Manager

As a Junior SEO Manager, I am an aspiring navigator in the digital waters, ready to lead your business on a journey to visibility and reach. My toolbox is filled with an arsenal of strategies and techniques to boost your search engine presence and maximize organic traffic.

With an analytical eye and a passion for detail, I dive deep into the world of SEO to understand the latest trends and algorithms. Through continuous analysis and adaptation, I ensure that our strategies are always up to date and that your company stays on course to achieve its goals.

My goal as a Junior SEO Manager is to help your business succeed online by navigating the digital landscape with integrity, passion and expertise. I learn new things every day to catapult you to the top of the search results in this constantly changing field.

Julian Koss

Junior SEO Manager

As a Junior SEO Manager, I have a constantly expanding repertoire of strategies and techniques that I use to get your website to the top of the search results.
With my strong analytical mindset and attention to detail, I am always keen to keep up with the latest developments and algorithms in SEO. I am focused on continuously optimizing our strategies by analyzing data and adapting content accordingly to ensure we are always one step ahead.

I’m Julian, and I’m ready to make your business successful online. With commitment, expertise and a strong team mentality, I am determined to take us to the next level of growth and success.

Nora Zimpel

Student intern

As a student intern with a passion for design, I am like a curious explorer in a world full of possibilities. Whether I’m using a sketchbook or a laptop, I’m always finding new ways to express my creativity.

My enthusiasm for design drives me as I immerse myself in the world of creative design. From creating appealing graphics to developing intuitive user interfaces – I want to learn everything.
My goal as a student intern is to gain valuable experience, develop new skills and make my contribution. With enthusiasm and determination, I am ready to learn, grow and put my passion for design and creativity into action.