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What does unique content mean?

The question often arises as to what is unique content for our customers. If you translate the word from English it means unique content and that is exactly the point. The content should be unique, individual and of high quality. These are the characteristics that should make a good text on a website. Anyone who copies texts or publishes them irrelevantly on their website risks a poor ranking or even a penalty from search engines such as Google. In this article, we will explain what you should bear in mind with regard to unique content.

The algorithms at Google

Google is constantly developing new special algorithms to generate the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The reason for this is to improve the quality of the search engine. Since Google’s Panda update, the relevance of good content has become even more important. Google places very high demands on the content of a page. You should keep an eye on your texts now at the latest, otherwise you risk being downgraded in the search engine rankings. You should also avoid the famous duplicate content. Although there is no direct threat of downgrading, the page cannot be indexed and therefore does not add any value to your website.

What added value does unique content bring for the user?

Since the days of wild keyword stuffing are finally over, Google is trying to provide users with relevant and targeted content. What counts for Google these days is the added value of the content for the user. This includes easy-to-read texts with informative images and videos. The content of the page you want to publish should provide all the information the user is looking for. If you provide little information, the negative will be reflected in the ranking.

What added value does unique content bring to my website?

Sensible unique content can be the path to success for your website. Providing good content on your homepage will bring you great benefits.

You will thereby:

  • Generate more visitors and therefore more traffic
  • get more readers and they will come back
  • become better at the quality factor on Google

Even if you run an online store, you should not copy product descriptions 1 to 1, as this is already considered duplicate content and will not allow you to rank.

With good texts you not only delight your readers, but also have a good chance of achieving a good ranking.

Where do I get my unique content

Of course you can commission us to create the texts for you, but there are also providers such as Textbroker who can create the texts for you professionally. Of course you can try to write the text. Ask us for a guide free of charge. In all cases, however, an easily readable SEO-optimized text should be created that is intended to entertain and inform the user.