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Create modern websites yourself with WordPress

WordPress webinar for experts - with EWPCL certificate

Welcome to the new era of web design. With us you will learn how to create your own company website and keep it up to date without programming knowledge or expensive web design agencies.

Our solution enables you to easily create and maintain articles, image galleries and current news and events. The secret? WordPress (WP), a free content management system for the web that is particularly suitable for beginners and is becoming increasingly popular.

The best thing is that you can have your WordPress skills certified with the EWPCL Expert Diploma (European WordPress Competence License) from Cert-EU. This award confirms your expertise in using WordPress and creating SEO-optimized websites.

WordPress is characterized by its user-friendliness and offers a constantly growing selection of plugins and extensions that enable you to develop and design professional websites.

Whether you already have experience with CSS and HTML or not, WordPress is a program worth learning. Visit wordpress.com and discover the countless possibilities available to you. With our support, you can create an impressive website in no time at all!

1:1 online course

Personal support by experienced trainers

Online test
Through the CERT-EU

Test your
learned knowledge


For employers or customers

3 courses to choose from
for every knowledge

Beginner -
Advanced - Expert

Certificate for your proof

Training with certificate

By successfully completing our certified WordPress course, you will be optimally prepared to create your own online presence. Your acquired knowledge not only enables the creation and maintenance of content, but also targeted search engine optimization.

The highlight: you will be the proud holder of an EWPCL diploma, which will not only enhance your CV but also open up new career prospects.
In our training courses, we provide you with comprehensive knowledge about WordPress techniques and important terms. We also present proven trends and pioneering developments that you can use profitably in future projects. Seize this opportunity and shape your digital future!

Certificate for your proof

Certification by Cert-EU at the end of the course

After completing our WordPress course, you will receive the EWPCL Diploma certificate from Cert-EU. This certificate requires an online test in which you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. The test cannot be repeated and has been designed so that you can easily demonstrate your learning progress without help.

If you have attended our webinars with our experts, it will be easy to pass this test with just a few clicks. With the EWPCL Diploma, you have the ideal prerequisites for designing your website attractively.

Experts course

Course content: Overview of the course content

Basic settings of

  • WP-Config.php
  • Topics/Functions function.php
  • Understanding and analyzing
  • Useful codes and snippets

System and database maintenance

  • Update
  • Back up
  • Staging instances

WordPress server relocation

  • Challenges
  • Risks

Typical symptoms and elimination / CSS adjustments

  • Kind
  • Implementation
  • Impact


  • Manage multiple websites

Information about the course

WordPress course for experts

Duration and services of the training/webinar

  • 2 x 45 minutes
  • Individual one-to-one course
  • Course language:
  • Certificate of participation from Cert-EU

Personal and technical requirements

  • Advanced knowledge WordPress
  • WordPress Advanced Diploma certificate successfully completed
  • Secure working under Windows or Mac
  • Teams are required due to the webinar

Target group

  • Advanced WordPress users
  • Users who design and maintain their websites themselves in the future

Costs and dates

  • Per participant: 249€
  • All 3 courses 599€
  • Individual appointment

Advantages of WordPress

Why should you create websites with WordPress? Here are a few reasons:

Large community

The WordPress community is extremely extensive, which means that new plugins, themes and extensions are constantly available to optimize websites. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for customization. It is also possible to modify or adapt existing plugins and themes using programming skills, which enables security vulnerabilities to be quickly identified and rectified. In addition, there are specialist groups in the WordPress community that support both beginners and experts with questions or problems.


Optimal organization of website content

WordPress is characterized by its user-friendliness. Content can be easily created and organized without the need for extensive programming skills. To further improve the user-friendliness of WordPress websites for our customers, we use the Page Builder. The Gutenberg Editor has been available as an integrated page builder since WordPress 5.0.


Simple setup without additional software

To create a WordPress website, all you need is a computer with Internet access and a web browser. Additional software installations are not necessary. In addition, WordPress is easy to set up and is also suitable as a fully-fledged website CMS for extensive projects.


First-class basis for successful SEO

One of the many advantages of WordPress is its excellent basis for efficient search engine optimization.


WordPress websites have very good basic optimization in the area of performance. In addition, performance is quickly and easily optimized using plugins.

Effective data tracking

Data tracking services, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, can be seamlessly integrated into your WordPress website to give you a comprehensive insight into your website visitors at all times.

Free of charge

Open source CMS are generally free of charge. Nevertheless, there are many useful plugins and extensions that may be subject to a charge.

Efficient website management

WordPress not only enables the creation of content, but also effective website structuring via its content management system (CMS). This facilitates quick adjustments and maintains the uniform design of the website.

Flexible learning from home

Our online training courses and webinars offer you the freedom to take part from the comfort of your office or home office. The webinars take place seamlessly via Microsoft Teams and offer all the necessary functions for effective training. Take advantage of digital learning to expand your skills and knowledge.

1:1 online course

Personal support by experienced trainers

Online test
Through the CERT-EU

Test your
learned knowledge


For employers or customers

3 courses to choose from
for every knowledge

Beginner -
Advanced - Expert

Further training courses/ webinars on WordPress

Book your new opportunity to design your own website or its content today

  • WordPress training/ webinar for beginners (EWPCL Diploma)
  • WordPress training/ webinar for experts (EWPCL Expert Diploma)

SEO Marketing GmbH for Cologne

Our training programs are designed to enhance your skills. Our webinars are led by our WordPress experts.

The extensive practical experience, knowledge and skills of our team specialists are designed to help you apply your acquired knowledge in the best possible way and make optimum use of the programs.

Once you have completed the training, all you need is a domain from one of the well-known hosting providers to create your website.

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