WordPress – Mastering your own website

Everyone would like to set up their own website. This not only saves costs, but also brings other attractive benefits. Independence without compromise, the ability to make adjustments at any time and much more. But the thought of setting up your own website can seem just as overwhelming.

You may even have the feeling that a good website can only be realized by those who have already gained experience in this field or are specialized developers. We have good news for you, because all you need is good software and an equally good course.

WordPress is a software that was developed to be easy and intuitive to use. This means that anyone can create a website that looks unique and is also professional to use. This can be for an interesting blog, a meaningful portfolio or your own company. WordPress makes this possible.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that you can use to host and create websites. WordPress includes a plugin architecture and template system so you can customize any website to suit your business, blog, portfolio or online store.

Sounds complicated?

We know WordPress – and soon you will too

Suddenly – and possibly without experience – getting started with new software is overwhelming at first. WordPress wants to make things easier, but it takes time and the question arises as to whether your own understanding is sufficient and will not unintentionally delay the launch of the website. What if a lack of knowledge means that many functions remain hidden? If it is not exactly clear where to start at best?

That’s where we come in.

From our own experience, we can say that these worries are completely natural and only reflect the fact that you want to do everything in a structured and correct way. This is a great approach, which is why we don’t want to leave you on your own.

For example, while you would like to be able to realize your website on your own for reasons of self-employment, it is advisable for you to take advantage of the following support as a sensible intermediate step: the WordPress course.

The aim is for you to gain long-lasting knowledge and to be able to create pages on WordPress completely independently in the future. In this way, you only invest once in further training from which you benefit and also save yourself a lot of costs afterwards that you might have incurred for a web design service.

WordPress courses: For every level of knowledge and certified

To anticipate the question directly: No prior knowledge is required if you want to take one of the three courses. In addition, after successfully completing the beginner’s course, you will already be able to use all the important functions of WordPress and will be ready to set up your own website.

However, at some point you may want more or you may have already gained some experience and feel that you can no longer learn WordPress on your own and would like to be supported by an expert. We also offer courses for advanced and expert users.

The courses at a glance:

– WordPress beginners course

– WordPress Advanced Course

– WordPress Expert Course

In addition:

– 1:1 online courses with personal support and experienced trainers

– a subsequent online test by the Cert-EU, in which the knowledge acquired can be put to the test

– After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate that distinguishes you for your employer and/or customers

WordPress beginners course

This course is aimed at all those who have had little or no contact with WordPress. Here we start from the ground up and work our way forward at an appropriate pace. The aim of the course is for you to understand all the basics of WordPress and to be able to use the functions of the software in a targeted and independent manner. Our trained experts will support you from installation through to basic system maintenance.

This content awaits you in the course for beginners:

– WordPress basics

Learn everything you need to know about WordPress. General information about the CMS, which requirements it needs and which programs are important for it.

– WordPress installation

The next step is the installation and the basic tools, as well as an explanation of the WordPress interface.

– Creating content

Once you know the basics, you will then learn how to create various types of content and learn practical tricks that will make your work much easier. This includes editing several posts at the same time, adding images, embedding YouTube videos and much more.

– Creating pages

Without pages, the “Site” in Website is missing. You will therefore learn how to easily create pages, various templates and how to use them and, of course, how the hierarchy is best organized.

– Creating and customizing designs and themes

Once you understand how pages are created, the next step is to personalize them to add your own touches. This applies to visual aspects such as functionality through widgets and on all end devices.

– WordPress extension via plugins

The system would not be so outstanding without its versatile plug-ins. That’s why we’ll show you how to select and install them and which plugins we think are particularly important and why.

– Manage users

Whether in a team or on your own, nothing works without a proper user profile. You will learn how to set up and add user profiles, how to manage them and general settings. We also give you an understanding of user rights.

– Comments

These are comments of any kind that enable essential communication with users. From setting up the comment function to managing, deactivating or preventing spam, you will master the comment function.

– System maintenance (basics)

Finally, it is essential that WordPress is maintained. Missing installations can make work more difficult and produce unsightly results. We therefore explain how to install updates and important security precautions.

WordPress Advanced Course

– WordPress editors

You will get to know the various but practical editors of the CMS. These include Gutenberg, WPBakery Page and Elementor.

– WordPress Posts and Pages

Together we go into more detail about the possibilities of the individual posts and pages. Which individual contribution types exist and their content fields, how these are defined and which templates are available, among other things.

– Search engine optimization

WordPress also offers incredible advantages at SEO level. Our experts will introduce you to simple and important SEO measures. Your texts will be created attractively for search engines, we will provide you with practical plugins along the way and configuring permalinks will no longer be a problem for you, and much more.

– Website review and optimization

Closely linked to search engine optimization, you will learn how to optimize your website for the best possible performance. You will find errors, optimize loading times and much more by using Firebug and other Chrome Developer Tools.

– Protective measures

Being able to protect a website makes you a point of contact on the Internet that embodies security. This is why you will learn about basic protection, .htaccess protection and other security plugins.

WordPress Expert Course

– More complex basic settings

Be prepared to master the basic settings of WP-Config.php or themes/functions through funktions.php. This includes understanding through to analysis. Our experts will also show you other useful codes and snippets.

– System and database maintenance

Be able to regularly update and back up your database and use staging instances.

– WordPress server relocation

Moving to another server can be a challenge. You will therefore learn what to expect, what risks are involved and how implementation can be optimized.

– Typical symptoms, elimination and CSS adjustments

From time to time, problems – or symptoms – can occur that make working with WordPress challenging. We show common types, which implementation is suitable and what the effects are.

– Multisites

You will also master the management of multiple websites with suitable plugins, special functions and well thought-out management.

Why WordPress?

What are the advantages over other CMS or perhaps your own further training in programming? Or is a web design agency perhaps a much more logical step?

That’s why we swear by WordPress and so do many other satisfied customers, so we’ve decided to share our knowledge with you:

– WordPress is the most popular CMS and is always up to date and in tune with the times

– It is a free open-source product that only costs money if you want to purchase the corresponding extensions

– WordPress knows what important functions are and offers them, making it easy, fast and effective to use

– WordPress is backed by a large community that supports each other with various issues

– The organization of content is simple and does not require much prior knowledge or can be learned easily (as if independently)

– No additional software or similar is required; WordPress comes as a complete software package that is easy to set up

– WordPress also manages to be designed in such a way that you integrate many good search engine optimization basics automatically

– As a result, you can develop your websites into true high-performance sites (be it through plugins etc.)

Tracking services can also be easily connected to WordPress and provide a continuous overview of the most important measured values

With our courses for professional web design

WordPress offers an incredible number of possibilities and it is all the easier to realize your own web design if you can learn important tricks and techniques. It often takes a lot of time to acquire this knowledge yourself and, especially in an efficiency-oriented society where time is literally money, we want to offer a faster solution.

Learn directly from our experts, who know WordPress down to the smallest detail and deal with every new feature and every new development for you. This saves you work, time and money and allows you to realize your dream of having your own website that does more than just look great – without a web design agency.

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